Berra Jarang’s Daughter


Berra Jarang’s Daughter. Not Jarangsdottir.

Child of Jarang the Redsmith and Heri Horse-herder, both dead.

Tribe, Clan, Class

Blue Tree clanswoman, of the Colymar tribe. A professional warrior and Initiate of Humakt.

History and Context

A displaced youth who was sent away from Sartar to Esrolia, Berra has grown up to be a Humakti warrior. She returned to Sartar at the start of the campaign.

Berra’s people, the Blue Tree Clan, live on a tributary of the Creek, in an area with good horse grazing, and a cliff on which there grows a sacred tree, its trunk blue from some trick of the area, or long years of the application of woad. The area below the cliff is good land, but for the lethal windings of the local river, which can change course several times in Storm season and Sea season, as rains or meltwater come down.

Life Events

Family Tree

Diaries/Personal Logs


The Saga of Berra

Berra’s almost-IC saga, telling her story, along with selected quotes, explanations, and links to minor scenes. The saga is broken down by years.

Verses from 1625

1625 Scenes


1626 Verses

1626 Scenes


1627 Verses

1627 Scenes


1628 Verses

1628 Scenes

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    Indications of a short worship ceremony here give a hint that Berra was at some point touched by Humakt’s favour. Rather than spending a full day in the process of communion, Berra (and…

Fragment 6 – The Heroquest of Whitewall

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 6 1625 Come the next morning when Berra saw sunriseHot in her heart was a seed sleep had plantedFast then she hied to the Chief Priest Tennebris1It is telling that, with ‘Eril’ in the town of Whitewall, a Humakti chose to go to the then Chief Priest Tennebris.…

Fragment 7 – The Composing of Truth

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 7 1625 Berra rode hard on the road to the WestwardThinking within of the Death-Lord and Truth-RuneSpoke with Ring-Eye of the Humakti Sword-CultSeeking within her for truth and without her2This is the point from which most scholars date the Meditations on Y, supposedly by Berra Jarang’s Daughter. It…

Fragment 8 – The Bandit Attack

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 8 1625, Fire Season As she rode on from the Death-hold to BoldhomeBerra rode swiftly and shared roads with no-oneStaying one night in the high halls of WilmskirkFrom her admirers she had a great feasting3Naturally, yet another attempt to show heroic treatment. At the popular 1625 dating of…

Fragment 9 – The Scorpion Folk (Disputed Fragment)

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 9 1625 4While Fragment 9 is a poor fit for poetic style and vocabulary, it is an appropriate bridging story. It is not generally relied on by serious scholars of the era, and furthermore the dating is unclear. Fragment 9 is discussed by Wiermonken.
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    It is generally considered that ‘mankind’ here covers both Tiwr the unicorn, and Salid the Troll-kin,…

  • Fragment 12 – The Grazeland Lunars

    Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 12 1625 Westward to river and Northward to GrazelandsLong lay their path but stout was the bisonForcing his way through the undergrowth westwardFinding the river and splashing in shallows5While there is no indication that this is a slight or insult in any way, the clumsiness of the mighty…

    Fragment 13 – The Marketplace Argument

    Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 13 1625, Earth Season Speaking with shamans and walking with chieftainsBerra talked hotly of Lunars and liarsSeeing deceit in the fletchings of arrowsAll of the Grazelanders joined in her anger Berra showed horse-men the javelin bloodied6This rather unusual compound word is usually used for centaurs in later years,…

    Fragment 14 a-b – The Return, Dark Season

    Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 14 1625, Dark Season Fragment 14a – The Return This fragment and fr.14b are usually studied as a single item, as they appear together in antiquity, on opposite sides of a tablet baked by sudden fire. Wiermonken was observed to smile when first handling the item. On through…

    Fragment 15 – Storm Season

    Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 15 1625, Storm Season 7Often associated with 14b, this fragment has appeared unbacked by 14a
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