Fragment 2.1 – The Worship of the Wyter

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 1


Then to the Palace of Boldhome climbed Berra
Sure were her footsteps and swift was her footfall
Up to the Palace and thus to the Shrine there
Into the Cross room that sat in the rock-wall

Not to the chamber of glory or station
But to ask Eril for thoughts on the Death-God
Prayed that he speak to the Prince with his cunning
Called him more worthy for sending off Orlanth

Gave up the gifts that the Prince would have given
Gladly to Eril for use of the Temple
Seeing that court would bring trouble upon her
Knowing her heart was in running from glory

Cold Eril paused to show honour to Berra
Letting the Wyter be seen for a moment
Fell she before it in deferent worship1Most certainly a patched line, given the rest of the vocabulary used in the Saga of Berra.
Feeling the touch of the God on her shoulder

Dormal had asked Kallyr, as a boon for helping to bring her back, to name Varanis as her heir. Sartarite law did not permit this, but Kallyr agreed to advice the Council of Kings to accept her. On hearing this, Berra set off for the Palace to try to put it right. Rather than ask directly, she went to see Eril, explaining she wanted to protect her friend, who was not ready for what Dormal had asked for.

Berra requested that Eril speak for her to Kallyr, as he felt best, but taking into account her wishes. She left the decision of what to say and if to ask for any reward at all, with him2At least, she thought that. She may not have been clear to the Wyter Priest that this is what she thought had happened..

Eril then did her the signal honour of introducing her to the Regimental Wyter, without the protective ceremonies that usually accompanied worship. Overcome by the sensation of being the God, Berra passed out, and was delivered back to the White Grape by D’Val.

Varanis had been advised by D’Val to leave town, and go accompany Venlar to Nochet to meet his prospective in-laws. The group planned to go by boat from Duck Point. Berra advised going South from Wilmskirk instead.

“If someone else wants to go and ask the opposite as their boon, then that’s up to them!” – Dormal
“That’s what I was planning to go do.” – Berra

“Berra’s going to go out towards the palace, then.” – Berra
“Then she’ll stop, and go ask Xenofos something in an undertone.” – Berra
“Then she’ll go out again, having ruined a fine exit.” – Berra

“There is a Duck there, explaining to the guards about their stance.” – GM
“I dunno. If he keeps the heel back a bit then he’s got a good bounce off the left and the door to stab to the eyeball.” – Berra
“I mean, good day, High Sword. full prostration.” – Berra

“He waits to see if you’re about to fall down the stairs.” – GM
“Nope.” – Berra
“Get up.” – D’Val
“Good day!” – Berra

“Sso. What are you needing?” – D’Val
“Political advice.” – Berra
“I know just the person.” – D’Val
“How is he?” – Berra
“… Boiling.” – D’Val

“She’s with me.” – D’Val to guard
“I’m with him.” – Berra to guard
“I don’t care who’s with who as long as you bloody take the smart arse away…” – Guard

“He takes you to a small temple, carved into the rock, you think. In a cross-shape, now you mention it. And… the High Sword is there.” – GM
“The other High Sword.” – Berra
“Indeed.” – GM
“The Wyter Priest.” – Berra

“…in a cruciate position on the ground, with an iron sword in front of him.” – GM
“Prone or supine?” – Varanis
“Prone.” – GM
( No tail feathers. ) o . Berra

“After a certain amount of time of muttering, he stands, picks up the Iron Sword…” – GM
“Is this the Wyter Sword?” – Berra
“It is.” – GM
“Oh good. It’s back.” – Berra

“Uh… my Lord. Um… Maybe you should speak first.” – Berra
… “How can I help?” – Eril
“Dormal Saiciae just did a great disservice to Thegn Varena, and I’d like to know how best to undo that. But it’s one of those really complicated ones.” – Berra

“If you ask for the boon to be forgotten you put the Prince in a position-” – Eril
“Oh, I was more asking for her to mention who had asked and why, when she gave a recommendation, and that way she could be truthful and undo the damage that he’d done.” – Berra
“Oh, she is not prevented from doing that already.” – Eril
“Oh, fair enough. Um. uuhm…” – Berra

“However, I would say that your friend has the blood of Sartar, she has Quested successfully. She brings her the potential for an alliance of a powerful household who may one day rule Nochet.” – Eril
“The problem there is one you’ve already said, which is that she’s my friend. And she doesn’t want this.” – Berra
“Berra… daughter of Jarang …Humakti. Do you talk of friendship before honour? Before the good for Sartar?” – Eril
“She’s not yet ready Lord, which is fine, other people could make her ready, but… it shouldn’t be related to Dormal and it shouldn’t be related to that house down there.” – Berra

@@*@@smiles@@*@@ – Eril
“And she is your friend.” – Eril.
“Yes.” – Berra
“The god understands.” – Eril
“Mhmmm.” – Berra
“Now… The house down there must be part of any consideration. Sartar needs allies. I agree she’s not ready. It may be that she never is, but I would not have her taken off the table.” – Eril

“Yes. I’m not going to ask that. Would you do me the honour of speaking to the Prince while taking into account my wishes?” – Berra
“You wish me to speak to the Prince about this?” – Eril
“Yes.” – Berra
“Very well… The discussion with the Tribal Kings will be a little while, since a meeting of Kings without Colymar present is not really a meeting of Kings.” – Eril
“There’s quite a big wince from Berra, but she manages to pull it back.” – Berra
“I suppose so, my Lord?” – Berra
“And you can naturally see that Colymar may be a little while before it comes to the table.” – Eril

“There’s nothing else I really need, except to look after my Orlanth, and I think that’s how.” – Berra
“There is one other thing.” – Eril
“My lord?” – Berra
“He takes hold of the scabbard, extends it towards you…” – GM
“I do not believe you have yet said hello.” – Eril

“You know how Eril’s sword talked to you?” – GM
“Yuhuh….?” – Berra
“This one doesn’t talk to you. It sings…” – GM
“Mm!” – Berra squeaks
“This one sings of the glory of battle. This one sings of the oneness to be found in the grip of the God.” – GM
“Awwww!” – Berra
“This one sings of battles invisible that it could show you.” – GM
@@*@@fumbles Devotion (Humakt)@@*@@ – Berra

“Just for a moment you feel yourself leaving your body, holding a glowing beam of light…. Thud.” – GM
“Probably happens a lot.” – Berra

“An hour or so after she left, the door is kicked open in the White Grape. And Berra re-enters. Balanced on the shoulder of a Duck.” – GM
“How did he kick the door open?” – Berra
“It’s got to make a funny sound.” – Xenofos

“What happened, High Sword?” – Varanis
“She had a mystic ecthperience.” – D’Val
“I see. Should I be concerned?” – Varanis
“A cult secret, so probably not.” – D’Val

“I tell Rondrik I need a High Sword sized beer.” – Varanis
“One pint and one half pint please, is how you start an argument here.” – Berra
“(Two halfpints would be more acccurate)” – Xenofos
“But the two halfpints both drink pints.” – Varanis

“You get handed a pint, which the Duck downs. Nods, and walks out again.” – GM
“Nooooothing to prove.” – Berra

“You could probably wake her by slapping her repeatedly.” – GM
“Is that Dormal volunteering?” – Nala
“No, I like her unconscious. It looks good on her.” – Dormal

“Why is Berra unconscious?” – Nala
“I assume she found some exciting new way to fail at whatever she was doing.” – Dormal

“So Varanis is quite upset with me, and her psychotic little hound dog is looking for a reason to kill me, as always.” – Dormal

“Dormal did say that.” – Nala
“He’s not stupid. He’s just a massive arsehole.” – Berra

“Wait, are they planning to go to Duck Point? Via the Clearwine Road?” – Berra
“Yes.” – GM
“Once I’ve recovered from that…” – Berra

  • 1
    Most certainly a patched line, given the rest of the vocabulary used in the Saga of Berra.
  • 2
    At least, she thought that. She may not have been clear to the Wyter Priest that this is what she thought had happened.