Fragment 2.46 – The Oath to Slaughter

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 46


Under the shadow of Quivin swore Berra
She would return when the army was blooded
Swimming in wine from the veins of the foeman
Walking on moonbeams spilled out of their vessels

With a small interlude for Irillo (but not the rest of the group) to find out that he was the father of Yamia’s child, the merry hero band and the minor army set off for Alda Chur. On they way they swept up some bandits, and reached the army of Argrath. Berra managed to mostly keep her temper, most of the time, as the army turned out not to be entirely a shambles, and they got used to her. Varanis and Venna did some posturing at each other, and then they met the King of Pavis, and settled in.

“Berra… remind me to wait?” Varanis looks like she’d rather be charging in.
“Yeah, we need to trust them. We’re the command level.” – Berra

“Manasa is shifting about, probably as impatient as her rider.” – Varanis
“Berra looks completely relaxed. Annoyed, but relaxed.” – Berra

“We’ll walk them up.” – Berra is not actually relaxed, but nobody has realised

“Berra just has a sip of beer, to accept their hospitality.” – Berra

“After visiting the Yurt of Humakt, Berra goes to settle the war band in, and makes sure they know they have to keep and collect the dung from their animals for fires, or else go a long way for wood and maybe miss the fun.” – Berra