Fragment 39 – The Hunting of the Vampire

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 39


Into the night with D’Val of the Sword-road
Berra walked silent to seek out a killer
Dancer in Darkness or Lord of Delecti
Seeking a vampire with never a tremor

Chased from the darkness by fire in the cross-shape
Down to the river that flowed through the city
Evil was vanquished by D’Val in the waters
Durulz instructing the Dagger of Humakt

Coming back from the Temple to the White Grape, Berre encountered Nala, who was looking for people to ask about the Earth moving, and some cold, and then Serala and Finarvi, who had gone to find Berra. She told Nala about Darkness being cold and patient.

There was worry at the inn about a Vampire. Berra went off to tell D’Val about it, and talked to the Iron Lord briefly about the relics of the Household of Death. D’Val went off to look into the rumour, and Berra returned to the White Grape. Little happened that evening, but in the morning there was a dawn visit to the gates of the city, where Berra was caught up entirely in the persona of a Lunar. She was searching the wagon Erillo was using with far too much efficiency, but the others of her patrol – Xenofos and Nala – managed to persuade her not to get in the way of the smooth running of traffic.

Eril managed to get his gear out of the city safely. Berra and the others returned to the Inn.

“I can walk. Or run.” – Berra
“Can you reach the inn faster than us?” – Finarvi
“In the dark? In these streets? Depends how fast you take those cobblestones… Let’s walk.” – Berra

“Who are the Household of Death?” – Nala
“Maniac Death Cultists-” – Xenofos
“Xenofos? You may wish to reconsider that word…” – Berra

“He was a very bad member of the Household of Death, then, as he didn’t die with them.” – Nala
“No, they cast me out… they cast HIM out.” – Irillo
“Berra looks sad.” – Berra

“I’ll let D’Val know.” – Berra

“There’s something about this wagon that’s calling to me!” – Berra