Fragment 3.9 – The Call to BAT-tle

Did the Sage Llewun name this? Call to BAT-tle? Have you no shame? – Garin
You’ve met me. Do you think I have any? – Llewellyn.

Armour restored Berra hied to the Palace
There to be asked to go into the heartlands
Swiftly she answered the call to find danger
Seeking the proof Onjur dangled before them

Varanis and her band were called to the Palace – Berra went eagerly, noting the duck who was casually hanging about atop the steps. There was some trepidation once she was there, and she seemed to keep an eye on her High Sword a lot, but nevertheless she bore up bravely through the presence of a sleepy Luminous Stallion King and a briefing given in Kallyr’s private chambers. When the Bat was mentioned, Berra was one of those who – like everyone else in the group – volunteered to go find out more.

D’Val gave her advice, and took charge of her duck feather for her, after telling her not to bear it openly if she did not want to cause a fight. She was not prepared to hide it. The advice boiled down to going with Irillo, and so the group settled to wait for him, having heard he was in the area.

Berra, trying to get the guards on the gate to send her news of Irillo’s arrival, over-bribed them and got them drunk when they were on duty. Lord Eril was displeased, and sent to let her know this – she spent the night being sent to and from the gates as one emergency after another cropped up and she had to go deal with it.

Beyond that, the group planned what they would do, broke the news to Irillo, and made minor decisions about how to set off and what to take. The reached Jonstown in good time, with Berra managing not to be as loud and shouty as she usually was on the caravan.

“Called to the palace, Berra seems slightly shocked, but determined.” – Berra

“Berra’s in a world of her own, apparently.” – Berra
“And lets Varanis go in front.” – Berra

“Berra stands up straighter on seeing her High Sword, and seems to concentrate.” – Berra

“Berra looks at Eril rather than hugging people.” – Berra

“You could find a trickster. Or you can find a Merchant.” – D’Val
“I’m hoping that he’ll be in the city because he makes these little sounds when you ask him to quest…” – Berra

“Berra has a pile of weapons and hard tack, and is pondering different spears.” – Berra

“Berra’s snoozing in one corner, but gets up to greet Irillo like a warrior shouldn’t. A great big wave and grin combo.” – Berra

“Can I have a cuirass?” – Berra
“I want a cuirass.” – Berra

“Berra yawns and accompanies Varanis.” – Berra