Fragment 13 – The Marketplace Argument

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 13

1625, Earth Season

Speaking with shamans and walking with chieftains
Berra talked hotly of Lunars and liars
Seeing deceit in the fletchings of arrows
All of the Grazelanders joined in her anger

Berra showed horse-men the javelin bloodied1This rather unusual compound word is usually used for centaurs in later years, but this would be unlikely at this early stage
Talked of the Lunars who lied to make conflict
2The name here is believed to be a shaman related to Serala, but there is no surviving manuscript which contains itgifted the heroes with horses
Quarter in number of those they had captured

Berra replied with the anger of Humakt
Calling the chief of the warbands among them
Let these fine horses be given to heirs now
Let them be used against Lunars in vengeance

Leaving the string on the lead-rein to follow
Berra led heroes and heroines3This collection must include the Chalana Arroy initiate Mellia, sworn to non-violence. It may also include Vestra, whom some traditions have observing the fight from a rear position, and tattooing herself with ink to match the pain of the blood spilled onward
Into the town of the Lunar Tarsh people
There to meet Goldentongue Merchant Irillo

Blameless the road that was laid out before them
Dustless the path to the gully of Dwarf Mine4An unexpected non-sequitur, possibly a later addition to add the allure of mystery to Berra, if she talked with Dwarves as well as going on strange journeys
Soon in the cool of the turning earth season
Alda-Chur held them and there was dread meeting

Deep in the market swift Berra stood waiting
Irillo talked of the prices of horses
Down came the Lunars in number uncounted
Laughing to take what Irillo was selling

Marketplace rules stopped a theft made by taking
Hot accusation the tool of their choosing
Berra rose up to defend stout5Lit: tending to fat – prophetic of his success as a merchant in the future, rather than a physical description. Irillo
Drawing her sword in the heat of her anger
Falling to magic and not to the Lunars

Bitten by marketplace magic upon her
Berra was broken by Issaries’ anger
Lay on the floor at the feet of the Lunar
Rajar above her and Dormal beside her

Loud was the shouting and fierce accusation
Onjur the Lunar dismissed calls for justice
Mockingly paid for the horses in insult
Throwing down money to half of their value

Later that night came a vision to Dormal6This connection to the gods in a manner that saves the crew from further trouble is no doubt why Dormal is rehabilitated in this fragment
Lunars would come to the inn with their magic
Irillo ordered the move to the Temple that held him
In the dark morning the sleep-place ignited

Leaving the city as dawn broke above them
Berra lamented the loss of her temper
Rajar remembered the face of his foe-man
Eastward they rode now to turn South to Boldhome

The representatives of two clans came to where the fight against the lunars had been. The head of one of them, the shaman Giland, was Serala’s grandfather. Tiwr stepped forward as the war leader, which the clans took seriously, but Berra was named by Serala as such, a little too late to stop Tiwr. She stepped foward too, to do some human explaining, persuading the shaman that the Lunars had attacked specifically to cause trouble, and showing the lunar javelin, the Grazelander arrows from a tribe that Giland could identify, the Blacktail people, and the telling lack of any arrows of Lunar make. They were rewarded with all the spoils they had won, plus a quarter of the horses they had found. Berra asked that the heirs to the others should use them in vengeance against the lunars, which met with an approving look.

After conversation with Serala, Berra named her horse ‘Road’. It gets you to places faster, it’s fine to stay on it, but often you have to leave it in a hurry.

They reached Bagnot, where they showed the horses and other things they had to Irillo, who did not want to carry stolen Lunar gear, or sell Lunar horses here, but who was perfectly happy to take them on to Alda Chur. On the way, they took a detour to Dwarf Mine. Berra did not want to go, citing a Reason, but after everyone elected to, she rode with them. They passed along the well-made dwarf road, down a long gully, and into the mine itself. Huge doors acted as an air lock, the ceilins and walls of the largest rooms showed the outside, and a single dwarf was moving within – he took them through to the throne that he sat on to become ‘The Dwarf’. There was some negotiation, and Irillo sold silk in exchange for a pouch he seemed pleased with. The Dwarf identified the magical items that had been taken from the Lunars, but was unimpressed with them, and did not make any offers. After that they were fed simple but filling food in a room that had a great picture of the Cannon Cult killing enemies. Notably, the entranceway down the gully had had an aparture that would allow the Cannon Cult to fire along it.

The trip to Alda Chur was largely uneventful; they dodged some Lunar Heavy Cavaly by swinging around Grizzle Peak, and decided not to go through the Bone Graveyard of the Thunder Lizards. In Alda Chur there was a minor disaster in the marketplace. A lunar captain started to negotiate for the horses, and then threw off his cloak and called Irillo a goddamned liar. Berra stood up to remonstrate, shouting quite a lot about honour, truth, and how the man should understand the horses were honestly come by – he spat in her face.

Berra lost her temper and drew her sword, and the magic of the marketplace struck her, crashing her to the ground. This was lucky in that she did not challenge a Rune Lord of Yanafal Tarnils, and unlucky in that she spent some time cursing. Rajar tried to explain what had happened and was roundly ignored, but Dormal managed to persuade the Rune Lord (named Onjar, in the hope he turns up again) that there was no way Berra would steal. Onjar paid a derisive amount for three horses, and left with them. The others went back to their inn. However, Dormal followed Onjar, and saw him pay off some thugs; he warned Irillo, who had the group leave the inn, and stay that night at the temple of Issaries as bona fide travellers. During the night, a group of warriors with cudgels came to the inn, and ignited it, while Dormal observed. They let everyone who came out pass, and disappeared at the point a Priest of Orlanth came to call the clouds over.

The party moved on, towards Boldhome. The rest of the journey was uneventful.

“I have lost the volume control for my children.” – Player Parent

“We are giving her life advice.” – Berra
“Oh god.” – Player Parent
“I AM HELPFUL.” – Berra
“What damage do I need to undo?” – Player Parent
“I told her it was socially acceptable to kill you and take all of your weapons, and you would be proud of her if she did.” – Berra

“Rictus grin – GM’s entire expression.” – Berra

“You don’t mind the party being split”- Berra
(With a longsword) O o . GM,

“Did you follow the sensible people or the… vengeance-seekers?” – GM
“THAT IS US.” – Berra
“Enthusiasts!” – Serala

“In the rear, with the dear (Mellia).” – Berra

“Did he call us shy? Do we have to deck him?” – Berra
*Fist Bumps* – Rajar

“We have already got plans not to sell the Lunar marked horses in Bagnot!” – Berra
<<ties lunar head to lance>> – Rajar
“We’re going to traipse them through there and accidentally burn down the palace.” – Berra

“Sid does refer to the trollkin head on the lance as ‘Fred’.” – GM
“‘Farrehd'” – Berra

“She eats marmite from a spoon.” – Description of Player
“Don’t we all?” – Rajar
“Some of us eat our marmite from knives.” – Berra

“I have no problems with the Lunars themselves. It’s who’s going to turn up claiming to know me.” – Dormal

“Dormal has previous when it comes to exploding my plot by stepping in and GMing when I cannot make it. PREVIOUS.” – Berra

“I will start fast-talking people.” – Dormal
“How’s your Tarshian?” – GM
“Not… not good. In fact I don’t have any.” – Dormal
“Capped at Trade Talk?” – Berra
“No, there are oddly enough no rules for that.” – GM
“Damnit. I tried.” – Berra

“We’re very multicultural, with all the Finns and Poles.” – Rajar
“Czech yourself.” – Berra

“Rajar, I think there is no more fighting.” – Berra

“Berra walks forwards too.” – Berra

“I’ll offer him the javelin, as a demo.” – Berra

“Walk backwards away from the old person. Politely.” – Berra

“I hate your keyboard so much.” – Nala
“Sorry. Different keyboard, though. You hate them both.” – Berra

“I had done some corpse preparing.” – Berra
“I had my sword.” – Berra
“So it’s…. very solidly etched in.” – Berra

“‘smoother of trade'” – Berra
“Fence and fixer.” – Berra
“Cynicism roll?” – Berra
“Count your fingers.” – Berra

“MURDER.” – Berra

“I’m riding into town.” – Berra
“I’m riding in with our string of GLORIOUS TROPHYS” – Rajar

“When you say better, are they less likely for me to fall off?” – Berra
“Well, they are lower.” – GM

“Rajar would just happily recite the whole song of how he slaughtered the Lunars!” – Berra
“YES YES I WOULD.” – Rajar
“Yes, but he’d do it in Praxian.” – Dormal

“Hand over the helmet and the necklace, wrapped up.” – Berra
“… Give them to me again in Alda Chur.” – Irillo

“Serala is proposing some high-speed long-distance riding.” – GM
“I look at the place where the lead rein clips on.” – Berra

“Poor Bloody Infantry.” – Berra

“I was mocking Berra.” – GM
“No, immune. I’ve met Dormal.” – Berra

*sepulchural tones* “It is not dead which can eternal lie.” – GM
“Wow, that’s like, two of Berra’s least favourite things.” – Dormal

“I don’t want to go.” – Berra
“Why not?” – Nala??
“A reason.” – Berra

“Failed honour (love my companions) and failed anything that would lead me to not go either. So: friends!” – Berra

“Tie up the animals” – Rajar
“Tiwr: RACISM SHOUT” – Berra

“Aha! Someone who can walk. Nature’s Infantry.” – Berra

“Never mind the quality, feel the width!” – Irillo, per Berra

( So, if all of those were elementals, what is our best chance to get out… Well, not have come in. Relax and sit down, Berra. ) O o . Berra

“It’s an… odd ale. Every jug tastes exactly the same. It’s very clear, but you’d say there’s something missing.” – GM
“Lager.” – Berra

“Do not try fermented Rhino milk.” – Berra

“Walk on, walk out. Get onto horse again.” – Berra

“Temple time!” – Berra

“Moolan. Probably Cows.” – Berra

“”I hear they really like horses like this in the lunar empire.” – Dormal
*facepalm* – GM

“Ah yes. Temple. Also should do that.” – Berra

“Temple in the evening. Nights are for Death.” – Berra

“The Lunar killed grazelanders by steatlh and dishonour and died for it.” – Rajar

*angrily muttering healing magic* – Berra

“Serala will go to a) check that Berra isn’t bleeding out and b) make sure she doesn’t try to get up…” – Serala

“Berra’s trying to get up, but …. oooh. 70/70. Because it is Serala, she stays down.” – Berra

“I wasn’t there when they got the horses, but trust me, that one’s really not capable of stealing anything.” – Dormal

*death stare, but still not moving* – Berra

“Irillo also hands him the money, having /really/ fumbled.” – Berra

“I’m going with Rajar.” – Berra
“I’m not going with the Psycho.” – Dormal

“I need another axe. Maybe two.” – Rajar
“And a really really big axe. And beer. And a pie. And some roast meat. And some bread.” – Rajar
“And a few more beers.” – Rajar
“And some barley soup with garlic.” – Berra
“And a sausage.” – Rajar
“And some more axes?” – GM
“Yes.” – Rajar

“More axes.” – Rajar
“Possibly a sausage wrapped in pastry?” – Serala
“Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.” – Rajar
“#Euphemism” – Berra

“Rajar, what was it you said to him, that made him turn?” – Berra
“Your countrymen died like cowards.” – Rajar
“There’s a blink, and then an impressed look, and a wide smile. ‘Well done.'” – Berra

“Dormal: the brains of the set.” – Berra

“For this reason I love Dormal.” – Berra

“We’re going to be moving. Now.” – Irillo
“Berra: Infantry officer immediately on her feet.” – Berra
“Okay. Pub Crawl.” – Rajar
“And once we’re moving out, I’ll ask Irillo why.” – Berra

“He’s Loyal to Irillo. I can put up with him not being loyal to us.” – Berra
“Loy-al.” – GM

“Sad. I didn’t get to the temple.” – Berra

*<Ctrl-R>* – Berra refreshes the log website 10 seconds after the game ends

“I’ve killed two guys with ‘Create Water'” – GM
“You can’t cast it inside a target. My GM wouldn’t let me.” – GM
“OTOH, they were wearing armour, and standing in a boat.” – GM
“Wash that man right out of your air.” – Berra

“Hey! I’ve Spotted Dick!” – GM
“There’s a blue lotion for that.” – Berra

“I say superhero. She was a super villain, but she loved kids” – Nala
“So does Zorak Zoran.” – Berra

“Irillo rolled 00 on his Bargain.” – GM

“D’Val is a hero, but he’s not omniscient.” – GM
“And he doesn’t trust short people.” – GM
“Um…” – GM

What Vestra wrote for Berra: “Gallem from Berra Jarang’s Daughter. Hail before Humakt. I present my apologies for not visiting. I am in the company of a merchant and he will be travelling on soon. I argued in the market with a man wearing Y, , (|) and this has caused trouble. I hope to return to thank you in person, when duty and season let me. So far as my journey has gone I have had success. Much may still be before me. My thanks for your consideration and previous kindness. Apart, but not Separate.”