Fragment 2.2 – The Colymar Slaying

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 2


Walking within the high1Both rise above sea level, and walled. City of Wilmskirk
Berra was hailed by the voices of Tribesfolk
Calling her traitor to Colymar Leika
Calling her coward for not drawing weapons

Berra said hold for she knew she was deadly
I have no argument with men of honour
I will not fight while the hot blood is in you
Dawn let us meet and this matter be settled

Colymar pride was enflamed by her coolness
Swift struck a spear towards Berra in anger
Drew she her sword and made blood flow along it
Biting the throat of her Colymar cousin

Sorrowful left she the scene of the killing
Leaving her helmet as ransom for naming
Walked to the house of Varena the Vingan2Within Wilmskirk, probably the Temple of Orlanth.
Told of the danger from Colymar anger

Proud in the Temple was red Thegn Varena
Speaking to Falnin the Storm-Voice of Orlanth
Putting the argument Berra attested
Showing the helmet for mute recitation

Falnin gave judgement before those assembled
Berra was wounded and acted correctly
Giving no harm until harm was done to her
There was no murder or death-price upon her

What Really Happened

Session Quotes

  • 1
    Both rise above sea level, and walled.
  • 2
    Within Wilmskirk, probably the Temple of Orlanth.