Fragment 2.30 – The Sacred Time Rites

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 30


Deep in the darkness of Found Separation
Eril showed secrets to all of his Temple
Dancing the acts of the God of the sword-way
Singing the deeds for the lay-members gathered

When he withdrew for the rites that were secret
Berra gave up of her magic to serve him
Touched on the secrets that he bore within him
Dreamed of a Mastery Rune made of swordblades

Rajar and Nala came to tell the non-Praxian people about some problems Nala had seen in Prax. Rajar started with, ‘Duke Raus must die,’ but got talked out of it. They decided to let Tennebris know about various rumours, and their understanding that the Lunars were probably causing trouble. While there, Tennebris told Varanis it was time to visit the Feathered Horse Queen. They packed and got ready to go.

“So, you tromp all the way up the thousand steps?” – GM
“Can we check he’s up there first?” – Berra

“We may have trouble persuading the Praxians that are not here to go to the place of horses that ride on grass.” – Rajar
“If only they had Praxians that they respect.” – Berra, just a little too dead-pan.

“He is up spreading the oily beetle on the hands of the powerful.” – Salid
… – Varanis
“He’s greasing palms.” – Berra
“Or buttering people up, depending on the translation of the Darktongue idiom.” – GM

“Give my regards to the Demonmaker.” – Nala
“Sure!” – Berra