Fragment 1 – The Cattle Raid of Koli

Standing by Scafloc the Herder of Llamas
Scout and long-sighted strong archer of archers
Jumping from cliffside to fight not to flee foes
Berra descended on ogres and slew them

Bleeding from wounds she was tended by Mellia
Looting the corpses they made themselves richer
Passing the corpse of a Rhino berserker
Berra rejoiced in the gift she could give him

Sent with Scaffloc as a scout, and meeting Mellia along the way, Berra fought a group of ogres, while Scaffloc sniped at them from above. She was repeatedly saved by Mellia. They picked up a lot of loot, including a decorated rhino goad which they felt might belong to the corpse of a rhino rider they had seen on the way.

A brief intro to the system happened with an attempted mugging, allowing Berra to roll Intimidate against Devolin the Deadly, a Duck.

“I need to work out how to manage Push to Talk.” – Berra
“So far: badly.” – Berra

“Zen Healing.” – Berra
“If you meet god on the road, heal him.” – Berra


“Ride horse skill: See ‘climb medium animal skill’.” – Berra

Berra: short, dark hair, cut behind her head.
Cross rune on her right shoulder, as a mark. Woad rune on her cheek: Y for Truth.
Slim but all muscle, wiry, and walks like a cat about to pounce.
Gold necklace.

“I will do a Berra Dismount.” – Berra

“Passion: Humakt. Aim: MEET MY MAKER.” – Berra

“I’d better go find out how Dodge works…” – Berra


“Damaged the wall again?” – Berra

“Yay… Me. Target of the Week.” – Berra

“#TeamScaffloc” – Berra

“Maybe we should sell the mace and divide up… wait, if that mace came from the dead rhino rider, we should return it.” – Berra
“We should.” – Mellia