Fragment 43 – The Darkness of Eril

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 43


Following footsteps that Eril had set there
Berra returned with the Cross to the city
Bringing the Ravenwing banner beside her
Guarding the iron that was given by Humakt

Out from the chamber of Ikadz the care-thief
Out of the body of damaged Irillo
Into the Darkness it made as its home there
Came to the world a great Demon of Torment

Torn from the heart of the High Sword of Boldhome
All he put off in his quest to be Humakt
Rose up before them as tall as the rooftops
Dark was its heart and its voice was as Eril’s

Bending to speak with the Dagger of Humakt
Thus spoke the Demon in voice of her captain
Give me the things that I swore I would guard once
It is my oath that I keep them forever

Knowing it was but a treacherous Demon
Every brave one of the heroes fell on it
Swiftly it entered the flesh of Irillo
Hiding within him to keep from the heroes

Berra spoke up in the light of her flame-sword
Say that she could strike stiftly against it
Rending the frame of the merchant Irillo
Killing the demon but wounding her master

Mellia spoke to say this to the Dagger
I will heal him if you drive out the demon
Though it may pain him my magic will keep him
Still Berra paused at the moment of striking

She could in safety strike down at Irillo
Held in the hands of the strong Urox Rajar
Striking a blow with dishonour behind it
Smiting a foe who was held down and helpless

Then she spoke clear to the Demon of Torment
You I will face with my honour about me
Stand forth my foe and my friends will not hurt you
Hearing the promise the Demon came fleshward

Taking the form of Lord Eril of Boldhome
Thus did the Demon attempt to torment her
Showing a face that she owed all respect to
Berra quailed not for she knew what the Truth was

When it came on it was swift as the whirlwind
Knowing the secret of Broadswords from Eril
Fighting as Death to the Dagger of Humakt
Driving her back with the strength of affliction

Ever she struck but could not pierce its armour
Backwards she stepped as her blood pooled before her
Back to the Relics her fire-sword protected
There she sprang forward with Death in her manner

All that she had was committed to Humakt
Crying his name she cut out at the Demon
Bringing it Death by the way of the Sword-path
Sending it on to the place that awaited

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