Fragment 3.3 – The Temptation of Dragons

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Lonely the road that she walked in the winter
Berra alone climbed the mountain Brondagal1Traditionally a name for Old Clearwine Fort. Alleyn gives that the journey alone was a pilgrimage to her tribal centre.
There on the slope was the egg of a river2‘young-spring-rock’
Couched in the grasp of the dragon that bore it3egg-carrying-parent

Boldly did Berra stand forth to the challenge
Staring with eyes that would face down the dragon
Crossing her arms for the reach of the sword-hand
Berra stood calm and demanded the river

Ready for battle she paused for the talking
Then spoke that dragon that knew her already
She could have knowledge to help those about her
Mastery now of the Rune she was seeking

You will be powerful and ever mighty
Shield to the woeful and death to all danger
All of our secrets are yours if you wish them
Secrets of Death we will give you in friendship

Loud was the voice of the Dagger of Eril
Thank you oh dragon I honour your word-gift
That which you give I must set to the wayside
Stern is my path and I walk it not cheat it

Yet all you wish could be yours little Dagger
Power to save those who live in your shadow
Shield you would be to the people of scratch-ploughs
Standing alone you would yet be their champion

This I will do or will fail in the doing
Mine is that burden and none take it for me
My path is mine and I choose to keep walking
My fight is mine and my sword travels with me

Then the great beast with its hand made a gesture
Tightened its claw on the egg of the river
This I can break and your fight will be ended
Living is fleeting and Death is forever

Living and Death are as one to Humakti
All of my service will be to the Sword-God
Let the sky fall I will still give my service
Take all I love and I yet become stronger

Turning its claw the beast let go the river
Offering up what she wanted to rescue
Take it Humakti and go with my blessing
Freedom you speak and you teach me of Movement

Taking the river she spoke to the Dragon
Thus do you give me the greatest of treasures
Here is a thing that Humakti can tell you
All swords are one sword and that Humakt holds to

Berra accompanied Varanis and baby Berra (and others) to the palace, where the baby was presented to Leika, who asked the group to look into the needs of a Clearwine woman. After the feast (in which Berra refused to back down when Nameless told her she could relax) the group went to deal with the cursed and possibly diseased house. Berra thought she heard Humakt warning her of assassins, but later decided she was wrong. Inside they found a surprising amount of water – a minor flood once they broke the door in, as it happened.
Searching for the source of it, they found a ladder. Berra went up first, carrying her sword in her hand, so she could use it as a light. There was a large egg there, in a pool of water. Once everyone was up she cast a shield on Xenofos, so he could touch it more safely, and then he found out a few things from it. Shortly after that, as Berra moved closer to look at the egg, it drew power from her, and she collapsed as new knowledge flowed into her.

“Berra explains how there’s a long killing corridor inside and then some big doors which balance really nicely before the throne room.” – Berra
“And they really get pissed off when you refuse to put down your shield.” – Berra

“New way to attack in, Berra” – Xenofos
“Berra’s obviously taking these in.” – Berra

“Berra’s looking around like a) this place matters to her and b) this place is one she might one day have to roll over.” – Berra

“Berra’s just doing the usual work of glaring at people.” – Berra

( Alright so make the High Priestess into a human target then pass behind and… no, Nameless decapitates me. ) o . – Berra
( Alright, draw sword and run… no, that’s the obvious death there and then Nameless gets me. Nameless is the problem. Most of the problem. ) o . – Berra
( So, let’s see… get Nameless out of the way, and make Leika have to hold a court. ) o . – Berra
( Break that chair, and then over the table and… maybe. If I’m lucky about where the table is. ) o . – Berra

“Your presence here is not required, you know.” – Nameless
“I don’t have to be required to go where I need to be.” – Berra

“Berra is oblivious to the people.” – Berra
“… wait, is the bard there?” – Berra
“.. Yet again I have passed Charm while speaking to the bard.” – Berra
“You get this magnificent song about what it must be like to fight at the side of Harrek…” – GM
*fails Death* – Berra
*blushes* – Berra

“THEN you get a fairly standard regaling of … no, he can’t sing that one, it would be politically embarrassing…” – GM
“Oh yes, how a brave Humakti and her companions drove the Lunars out of Nochet, where they had dragonlike snuck…” – GM
“Berra gets back to being calm in the middle of the soliloquy. But she’s not looking at Torograi.” – Berra
“The note says ‘ask her to sing the one about the warrior who killed the death-battle beast’.” – GM

“People get afflicted with nightmares.” – Orannina
“I volun!… teer.” – Berra

“House looks pretty sturdy…” – Xenofos
“That just makes it a challenge.” – Berra

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    Traditionally a name for Old Clearwine Fort. Alleyn gives that the journey alone was a pilgrimage to her tribal centre.
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