Fragment 2.38 – The Test of the Mists

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 38


Into the mists of the edgelands of Sartar
Following loyal and true to Varanis
There by the mouth of the Dragon they parleyed
Speaking a dragonewt rider of bird-fame

Berra spoke long with the beaked one of Humakt
Talking of Death and the gift she could bring it
Till they passed on through the mists as they travelled
Leaving behind one who puzzled on dying

Soon the mist took all her vision from Berra
Soon the white darkness was cold up against her
Visions she had of the warmth of her lover
Promises made of the comforts of living

Berra drew sword in the darkness against them
Cutting down comfort and standing a rebel
Walked from the mist with a warrior’s honour
Cried not a tear for the yearning she conquered

The group set off after meeting the Feathered Horse Queen, and as when they were some distance out of earshot, Xenofos stopped the group to check people knew about Berra’s plan, and then warn them that Ikadz was a hideous, possibly Chaotic god, and they should know what they were getting into. Berra nearly blew her top, but managed to keep her emotions under control, although she did not say a great deal to refute this, as she was too busy wrestling emotion.

They trailed their way through the Dragon’s Mouth south of Kero Fin, and into Sartar again, meeting a dragonewt on a demi-bird almost immediately. Xenofos tried to ride ahead of Berra, who was exceedingly annoyed with him already. He got away without his horse being stabbed, and they approached the bird and rider. It said some impressively incomprehensible things, including ‘suffusion of crimson petals below’ which they guessed by committee meant that there were Lunars on the lower path.

Riding on, they saw a reddish glow in the mist. Varanis had her horse bolt, and when the group met up, they were without Berra. She had managed to miss a blazed trail at some crossroads and was waiting there. Suuraki found her, and they went on together. She noticed that the reddish mist stopped as they got closer, and recalled the redness of the Glowline. Looking down, there was a reddish area. The group decided to turn down the hospitality offer of the people called ‘Seeders’ living in the stockade just inside this miniture glowline.

As they rode on, Varanis began to suffer cravings for what might have been hazia – the mist seemed to have been carrying it, they later worked out, and she was closest to the stockade for longest.

Nevertheless, they trudged onwards, reaching Duck Point, where Berra’s fame got them to open the gates, because one of the ducks on guard liked her. They settled into an inn, and Berra went out to drink with the duck, and find out his name.

Berra is obviously seething.
Varanis stares at Xenofos in surprise.
Rajar looks thoughtful and tests the edge on his second best axe

Berra goes up to the front to be on watch there.
While seething.

“Sometimes her nose twitches when she is angry.” – Berra

“Teeth and Salt,” Berra says to him. It’s more a statement than a friendly greeting or thanks.

“He’s looking a bit like you do, when Eril is using long words. Out of noun error.” – GM

“Berra’s also got a cute scowl, yes.” – Berra
“And is deploying it.” – Berra

*fails track despite 50% bonus* – Berra

“Berra’s passed Being Sensible – after a few minutes of not catching up, she’ll go back to the fork and wait.” – Berra
“Assuming I’m not dead.” – Berra

“Occasionally I will listen, even.” – Berra
“But mostly, sit there with my whittling kit, waiting. On bison-back, but Followed is placid.” – Berra

“Varanis does a head count. Where’s Berra?” – Varanis
“Berra and Followed are both absent.” – Berra

“I assume that if you cut off the front half of Fish, and found a different front half and joined them together…” – GM

“Berra’s got little Humakti smiles happening and is cuddling her sword.” – Berra
“Not the broken one. The proper one.” – Berra

“Berra gets Varanis into a warm bed and then sods off. She’s fine. Will taste food and leave tiny bits including water.” – Berra