Fragment 2.38 – The Test of the Mists

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 38


Into the mists of the edgelands of Sartar
Following loyal and true to Varanis
There by the mouth of the Dragon they parleyed
Speaking a dragonewt rider of bird-fame

Berra spoke long with the beaked one of Humakt
Talking of Death and the gift she could bring it
Till they passed on through the mists as they travelled
Leaving behind one who puzzled on dying

Soon the mist took all her vision from Berra
Soon the white darkness was cold up against her
Visions she had of the warmth of her lover
Promises made of the comforts of living

Berra drew sword in the darkness against them
Cutting down comfort and standing a rebel
Walked from the mist with a warrior’s honour
Cried not a tear for the yearning she conquered

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