Fragment 27 – The Clan Return

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 27


Hard by the city of Boldhome they feasted1 Hard feasting, or close by, potentially both.
Heroes acclaimed by the eating of deer-meat
Beer poured with wine and the fruits of the healer
Merry the company in the great feasting

Kallyr commanded the heart of Varanis
Gave her the peace-kiss and called her a cousin
Gifted her hides from the Clan of the Woad-tree
Land for companions and land for Varanis

Berra was given the land of her mother
Hides she had lived on in youth and in childhood
Given the freedom to live as a noble
Earth for her sister2Her sister Yehna is the most likely sister here, but if could have been any of her battle-sisters she took as her payment

Riding on Road she came back to her Tula
Greeted with joy she was unmoved as Humakt
Calm in the face of return to the Tula
Marked out as Death-kin until Yehna met her

Straight ran the daughter of Heri to meet her
Yehna the wife of Dostariag Green-eyes
Earth-child and fertile she ran to her sister
Broke through the armour that Humakt had made her

Warm was the greeting from village and kinfolk
Berra was feasted and wine poured like perry3It is likely that in fact, most of the wine was perry
Lineage called in the hall of the Greathouse
Berra met Haran her sister-son new-made

Mellia invited the group to a party out at Nala’s campfire. After some drinking and celebrating of their success had happened, she said Varanis had something to say – Varanis revealed that she was probably related to the Royal Family, and was worried about this. Dormal said the only information he had been able to find was that there might be more known in Clearwine. Berra talked about the famous armour, and there being two people of the name Berra Colymar. They agreed they should go to Clearwine. Berra and Nala pressed Varanis to tell Kallyr, Berra for the sake of truth and getting help, Nala because it was best to say a thing that would be found out anyway. At that point, Serala’s cousin arrived, giving Berra a shock because he smelled like a redsmith, only they were well outside the city.

Some of the group (Mellia, Varanis, Dormal, Berra, Xenofos) went back into the city, making an appointment to see Kallyr the next morning. They arrived early and waited for a while, and then were admitted. Kallyr greeted them personally and had stools and wine brought. Varanis admitted who she was and was greeted as kinsfolk and given a gold arm-ring and a mild ‘come and get me’. After Kallyr asked what she might give to the heroes, Berra pointed out she could not speak for those who were not there. Kallyr announced that the Blue Tree clan’s lord had been killed in the taking of Boldhome, and had had five hides of land. She gave them to Varanis to give out, and promised at least two hides to all of her followers.

Once the others had been sent for, Kallyr told Varanis to distribute her hides among her companions, a vital difference, and gave her a kiss of peace, telling her to go to her lands then meet Queen Leika and tell her the good news. (The nomads were particularly puzzled by the notion of owning land, and Serala and Rajar gave theirs to Mellia, to help her set up a new temple. Nala tried to give hers to Sid, but Irillo advised against it. Kalis also advised against it, pointing out that people would treat him like a Troll.)

They set off for the Blue Tree Clan, where Berra met people she knew, and introduced her travelling companions to the Chief while delivering the good news, then took Mellia to see the tiny shrine to Chalana Arroy, and its young, teenaged initiate. Mellia’s deeds were surprisingly well known, even the very recent matter in Nochet. This susprised both Berra and Mellia.

Berra met her sister Yehna for the the first time in years, and her nephew Haran for the first time ever.

“I’m glad I didn’t hear that, because there would be an incident.” – Berra Humakti

“I heard duck fun” – Varanis
*perks up* – Berra

“Berra’s frowning, probably in thought but possibly because there is no fight going on.” – Berra

“I can’t speak for the others – they are not here.” – Berra
“Berra is very honest! And also, ‘no reward please’ went down badly before.” – Berra

“I know you don’t want my throne. Nor could you take it.” – Kallyr, quietly
*blort* – Berra makes a listen check

“Your companion is of the Blue Tree.” – Kallyr
*looks up* – Berra
“Their Lord was killed in the taking of this city. He only had five hides of land. Take two for yourself and distribute the others among your followers for yourself. I shall make sure the rest of them have at least two hides of land.” – Kallyr
“Berra looks slightly gobsmacked.” – Berra

“Well, keep up the meditation.” – D’Val
*wince* “Yes, Sword Lord.” – Berra

“The Blue Tree Clan, which I think is on the way to Clearwine…” – GM
“The Blue Tree Clan is North, and Clearwine is South.” – Berra
“But good try.” – Berra

“Little Berra?” – Kajik
“Yes, I’m still short, and I’m quite sensitive about it.” – Berra

“But little Berra is this tall!” – Kajik
“How about you go tell someone who can remember the last ten years that Berra Jarang’s daughter is back.” – Berra

“My companions and I have been awarded lands in this Clan by Kallyr Starbrow. Some from here and some from the Green Fish Clan. Kallyr will recompense them.” – Berra
“Does the Queen know?” – Dogva
“Not yet. I mean, she might, but we haven’t told her.” – Berra

“That one… that was burned out by Tusk Riders two years ago.” – Dogva
“Are tusk riders a problem here?” – Varanis
“They fight with the Dragon Newts.” – Berra

“The same.. And that’s the one they say is haunted.” – Dogva
“I VOLUNTEER!” – Berra

“Did Mrs Pinfeather stay on here after all?” – Berra
*headshake* “… Nasty that. The Lunars.” – Dogva
“Well, that’s why they came here, but I thought she would stay.” – Berra
“There was a bounty on ducks.” – Dogva
“I never knew that…” – Berra, shattered

“It’s quite amazing that when the fight goes out of Berra, there’s anything left of her at all, but she looks a little smaller and a little sadder.” – Berra

“Then there is a sudden patter of feet making straight for Berra.” – GM
“Do we need to protect Berra from an attack?” – Varanis
“Consider charging.” – Rajar
“A five fourths scale version of Berra impacts her…” – GM
“YEHNA!” – Berra
“BERRA!” – Yehna

“Just like Berra.” – GM
“No. Significantly more…” *makes curve gestures* – Berra
“She’s… a typical… farmer’s… wife.” – GM

  • 1
    Hard feasting, or close by, potentially both.
  • 2
    Her sister Yehna is the most likely sister here, but if could have been any of her battle-sisters
  • 3
    It is likely that in fact, most of the wine was perry