Berra — Uncaring

1627, Sea Season, Disorder Week


1627, Sea Season, Disorder Week, Waterday. [[[s02:session-30|Session 30]]]


A little after dawn, Berra left Varanis at the White Grape, and went off at a run to get a few last things. She comes back with an armful of wasters and takes the gate into the courtyard.

After some time Xenofos descends the stairs and looks around for famiiliar faces. Seeing that those who are in common room seem to suffer from gloom that follows parties he walks to courtyard to go to the stables to check on the zebras.

Berra is by that point putting the harness onto Followed, so for just one moment she is stretching with the saddle, small and determined, and then she is punching her bison on the shoulder for love, and reaching for straps.

Followed ignores her, peaceably.

Xenofos looks at her with pretty serious expression, but his face softens. “Good morning, little cousin.”1Xenofos fails at Insight (Human), and does not see how irritated Berra is.

Berra looks around, and gives him a genuine pleased-to-see-you smile. “Fos.” She looks happy. “Good morning.”

“You have been up early, despite the party?”

“Yeah, the Flame already.” Berra shrugs, suddenly looking tired. “And then a bit of a walk.” She turns to get on with fastening the saddle lest Followed take it into her head to bounce it off.

“With Varanis I gather?”

Just a nod, at first, and then, “Yes. Then I went to get something like this…” She pats the long sword on her left hip. It is far too long for her – sized for someone like Xenofos. Bronze, not iron. Another change.2Berra passes Insight (Human).

“Is there something you think I should know of your outing Berra?” His tone is icy like the wind.

Berra turns to look at Xenofos, quizically. “Can I complain about my lord being fat-headed instead?” she tries hopefully.

“The Swords? No.”

“Yeah. Varanis …” She thinks a moment. “Over Sacred Time I was pretty sure she was sneaking out, but I couldn’t say for sure and I was busy. She was sneaking out. We talked. But it’ll go better for the future if you let her tell you.”

“She told me allright, Berra.”

Berra nods. “I… I’m annoyed. But she’s Orlanthi. Air people get to be stupid sometimes and I have to live with that.” She tilts her head a bit. “Come help me tack up?”

He throws the straps that go over bison’s back into place with angry energy. “She was quite upset. I hope you are satisfied with yourself now.”

Berra turns to Xenofos and says, “Huh. I thought you were angry with her.” But she shrugs. “Whatever. I’m still angry, but I can ignore it. Until I calm down.”

“Chastising her for irresponsibility is one thing but it sounds like you went way beyond what is required.” He shakes his head. “You’ll get the rest fixed by yourself.” And he walks over to the zebras.3Fumble on Love (Berra), pass on Loyalty (Varanis), pass on Truth…

“Yeah. I was mostly asking in case you needed to feel better.” Berra shrugs, and gets back on with her work.

Insight: It seems, from the occasional peeks at the woman who definitely did wrong… that she doesn’t care at all. No admonition, no explanation of what she did could get through that skin. Or maybe she just does not realise.
Xenofos tells Berra that Varanis is upset. Berra does not care. (Out of order)

  • 1
    Xenofos fails at Insight (Human), and does not see how irritated Berra is.
  • 2
    Berra passes Insight (Human).
  • 3
    Fumble on Love (Berra), pass on Loyalty (Varanis), pass on Truth…