Fragment 25 – The Meeting with Aldryami

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 25

1626, Sea Season

Fast by the Road to the High Place of Boldhome
Wild was the river that threw down the stone-bridge
Threw off the fetters of Lunar road-making
Free was the god that flowed down to Magasta

Into the forest by Wilmskirk they marched then
Calling to elves that they came with their peace-bonds
Up to the monument carved to end war-time
Seeing the table of sacrificed riches

Leaving the place where the box lay unopened
Berra rode fast to keep watch for Irillo
Keeping the path-watch as Humakt should ever
Trusting companions to keep to their places

Lured by the carving Varanis showed weakness
Picked up the box from the altar of nature
Blasphemy fed by the youth-blood within her
Wisdom unused lay before her in pieces

Berra sprang down to the ground from her Road-horse
Ran to Varanis with as fast as a spear flies
Faster than horses in crowds made of soldiers
Berra’s swift feet moved like Orlanth’s to bear her

Striking with foot to the knee of Varanis
Berra grasped hard for the wrist of the Vingan
Twisted with strength learned by pain in the Temple
Wrestled as Humakt when he fought as North-Wind

Binding her foe to the ground in her anger
Berra spoke words to the Vingan in fury
Told her to act as a noble among them
Never to play at the drunkard while sober

Later in feasting Dormal toasted loudly
Crying hurray to the theft from the altar
Though there was profit in finding the box out
Berra was wroth for his words stabbed at honour

Shouting her anger she rounded upon him
Saying his words were the sounds of dishonour
Calmed to the voice of the Merchant Irillo
Not then her master but acting in friendship

When she stood guard on the walls of that village1It is a very Humakti thing to volunteer to guard a place where you are being feasted.
Berra gave darkness the prayer it demanded
I am Humakti she said to the nighttime
Ever on edges and pallisade-guardian

“All the footprints go one way… Into that cave.” – Berra

“Berra’s going to pause a moment to put an arrow made of rocks along the path they are going, blocking the other path.” – Berra
“Now I may regret putting the arrow going this way…” – Berra

“Failing at Insight: people who want to stay alive.” – Berra

“Berra’s just doing her trying-to-be-not-threatening thing.” – Berra
“Can you do it faster and better?” – Nala
“Not really.” – Berra

“And Berra is not killing anyone.” – Berra
“Which is a REALLY good hint people are peaceful.” – Berra

“Ignore the yelling. Look closely at the box.” – Varanis
“<3 Varanis. Also, dithappointed.” – Berra

“Not helping.” – Irillo
“Did I say I was helping?” – Berra

“-50%, not skill/2” – Berra
“HELPING!” – Berra
“Thanks Berra.” – Varanis

“We all think your box is very pretty, Varanis, but you need to think with your head instead” – Irillo
“When did you see her box?” – Berra

“Relaxing in Berra’s grip.” – Varanis
“Berra isn’t letting up, but she’s giving Varanis the chance to talk.” – Berra
“Also waiting to see if the grip eases up…” – Varanis
“^^^ Nope.” – Berra

“I’d glare at my cousin, but my ear seems to be stuck to my boot.” – Varanis

“Varanis has reached a point of calm resentment.” – Varanis
“Maybe a hint of regret.” – Varanis
“Berra gets up. And offers Varanis a hand.” – Berra

“Varanis looks up at Berra. There’s a hesitation, but she takes the hand.” – Varanis
“Berra hauls Varanis up.” – Berra

“I need a bath.” – Varanis
“You do.” – Berra

“Billy can just roll down the hill and clear the way for us.” – Berra

“Berra’s hovering not far from Varanis, but far enough to give her the room to talk.” – Berra

“Shut up, you slimy little bunch of worthless meat.” – Berra
“Berra…” – Irillo
“‘Berra!’ Varanis gets between you and Dormal.” – Varanis
“Berra shuts up to her name.” – Berra

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    It is a very Humakti thing to volunteer to guard a place where you are being feasted.