Who am I?

Irillo Jasilsson

Tribe, Clan, Class

From Esrolia, but currently styling his name in the Sartarite Fashion. A Merchant follower of Issaries Goldentongue

Family Tree

Irillo Family Tree
Family tree for Irillo across 4 generations.


Greyrock, Sartar (acquired Fire Season 1628)

  1. Fertile plains: 45 L annual income
  2. Arable land: 40 L annual income



20W 0L, 0C 0B


19W, 19L, 9C 9B




  • VS 054 Be The Sword
    Varanis — 1626 0697 Be The Sword ????, Fire Season, Season/Movement Week Context Fire Season/Movement Week/Freezeday/Afternoon After the events of the second Lunar quest, most of the group is sitting in the common room of the White Grape, drinking Rondrik’s alcohol and pondering recent events. ...
  • Wine And Relics
    Irillo — Wine And Relics ???? Context Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. Events At the table where they are, in a quiet moment, Berra asks Irillo how Serzeen is. “Good. She’s good. At least, when I left Nochet. Why?” “Oh, you were getting on well with her. ...
  • Shopping And Talking
    Irillo — Shopping And Talking ????, Fire Season, Movement Week Context 1626, Fire Season, Movement Week, Waterday. The collapsed block below should be considered a spoiler unless you have already talked to Irillo, or it is past session 39. Events After Rajar goes out for ...
  • Hot Wine
    Irillo — Hot Wine ????, Earth Season Context 1627, as Earth Season turns to Dark, in the Blue Tree. Events The village is a little quieter without Varanis and Berra and particularly Haran, on a day they are away, just before leaving. There is ...
  • Moving On
    Berra apologises to Irillo for making a decision for him.
  • Muc-King Around
    Irillo gets the news that Berra is dead, then gets the news that she is alive. He also learns his son attended a battle.
  • Safety Talk
    Yamia is injured, and ignoring it, and also ignoring the fact Irillo does not want her putting their son in danger.
  • The Wanderer Returns
    Irillo returns in Dark Season