Fragment 2.21 – The Reclaiming of Death

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 21


There in the fastness of winter she fasted
Feasting the demons and sylphs of the snow-place1Valind’s, or in this case Humakt’s, glacier.
Seeking for silence and stillness in distance
Weighing her Air as the ransom of honour2The ‘Struggle of Humakt’, or the saga of how he came to his decision to sever himself from his kin, is too large a point for any footnote.

Searching for Death she went Skyward and Earthward
Sought in the Darkness for Death where it hunted
Found on the Earth it was twisted as axes
Saw in the Sky it was pointed in arrows

Then in the darkness that Orlanth had fathered
Humakt sought Chaos and fought with his brothers3Although this telling of the tale indicates a late severance from the Storm Tribe, it is notable that Berra spent this time alone. It is also notable that the fight ‘with’ his brothers gives little detail as to which side Humakt took, without in itself mentioning severance.
Cutting the throats of the children of ogres
Shedding like water the blood of the foeman

Then she held Death in the grasp of the Sword-god
Swore she would keep it and be its protector
Servant of Death and the Lord of its keeping
She would fight any who took without honour

Berra had spent time out in prayer and solitude after taking Windsday to go around the Bison camp looking for Death in its various forms. She heard the calling of her god, and went out to search alone, leaving her ‘Longhouse’ – her tent – behind, but taking her bison and her equipment. After some time she found herself in a fight alongside Urox and Orlanth, against sharp-toothed foes. She found that her sword did not do as well as it should – it was not biting and was not eager to share the gift of Death. Orlanth, in penitence, was not using a sword.

Nevertheless, Berra managed to kill an ogre while Varanis lightning bolted another, and then Berra killed several of the ogre children too, including one which had just been captured by Xenofos, who was gobsmacked and amazed at her actions, having not realised they were ogres.

Varanis went outside to where Rajar was having a lot of trouble killing one of the ogres, and gave him her rapier, which he used successfully – it had Berra’s gift of Death on it. After that, she went outside to find he was in a crevice torn by Nala, and had the head of the enemy in one hand and the sword in another. She suggested he give it back so he could climb out more easily, and he did that. After that, Berra gave the rather more mundane rapier back to Varanis, as her power was returned to her. They went back to the bison camp together.

“I need a better sword!” – Berra

“Berra, I assume you’re commiting violence?” – GM
<<happy nod>> “And this time I have a better Strike Rank!” – Berra

“Humakt yells, “GIVE IT BACK,” and gives Orlanth a LOOK even as he dodges sideways. Bronze sword in the left hand, iron sword in the right hand.” – Berra

“‘GIVE ME BACK MY DEATH. IT IS MINE!'” But Humakt is still killing the things of chaos.” – Berra

“One hit to abdomen doing 12, on SR4. One hit to right leg on a different one, doing 9, on SR8. One hit directly to Xenofos’ heart as he comes in…” – Berra

“Do the laws of honour hold, given it’s a chaos beast?” – Berra
“No.” – GM
“I kill it.” – Berra
“What? It was a kid!?” – Xenofos