Telling The Truth

Berra — Telling The Truth

1627, Fire Season, Harmony Week


Fire Season, Harmony Week, probably Godday. [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]


Scant days after the wedding, Berra calls at the House of the Saiciae, and sends in to ask if Dormal is within, and will receive her.

After a little while the answer comes back in the form of a servant who shows her in.

Berra runs her hand through her hair, checks the lie of her feather in her helmet, and follows the servant.

The servant leads her to a reception room off one of the internal courtyards. Slatted hangings allow stripes of sunlight into the partially shaded room. A table has been set, with two chairs and some refreshments.

Berra looks around, not sitting. If she is impressed by the setting then she gives little impression of it.

After a few moments footsteps approach and one of the hangings is pushed aside, allowing Dormal to enter. He walks to the table and gestures to the other chair as he sits.

“I understand you asked to see me.”

“I’m not staying long,” Berra says. “But thanks.” Her voice is a little flat, but her expression stays calm.


“No.” Berra changes the subject. “Do you recall a while back, Thane Varanis asked you to look into a missing slave? One that the Hultas had sold to the galleys?”

“Ah yes, that matter, I did look into it.”

“Thanks for looking. I came to tell you it’s been dealt with. He’s safe, I think. As much as anyone can be.” Everything is delivered in the same polite tone of voice.

“Ah. Just as well. I wasn’t able to follow very far.”

“Yeah. Probably wouldn’t have been able to.” Berra bows her head. “That was all. Just to make sure you didn’t push or risk yourself.” Her body language says she is going now.

Dormal nods, and stands.

The Humakti leaves, done now.