Berra — Separation

1627, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Fireday, just after the return to Boldhome. [[[s02:session-44|Session 44]]]


. o ( So, that ‘be humble’ thing didn’t go so well. )

. o ( It’s good to be back. )

. o ( Even if I have to tell my High Sword I need to keep pestering him. )

. o ( Which will go down like Magasta’s Whirlpool. )

. o ( But I need to do it. )

. o ( Probably best not to ask him about ducks, though. )

. o ( Maybe best not to talk much. But I need to. )

. o ( But first, check that thing… )

In the empty chapel, Berra looks at the cross parts of the Death Rune-shaped room first, hidden from those who are in the blade part, where lay members and even … other people… might stand. She examines the bare walls and the paintings that are where they cannot accidentally be seen. Then she does a clumsy but workable dance of dedication to Death, working through incompetence by concentration, and then bows to the altar, and walks behind and around it, to look at the whole thing. She does not touch it, but she does pay a lot of attention to it, apparently deep in thought.

. o ( Nowhere he could have an altar here. Nothing that is out of the way. )

. o ( Should I be standing here? I’ve not been struck down. )

. o ( If you stand just here, you see half of those paintings… each side. )

. o ( I need to step away from here now. )

And then she closes her eyes for a moment, opens them after taking a deep breath, and steps away. Pale.

Berra sees, but cannot comprehend, a secret of Separation