The Trail Of Lenta I

Berra — The Trail Of Lenta I

1627, Fertility Week


Freezeday, Fertility Week. Berra is calling on the Hultas to try to put Varanis’ mind at ease. [[[s02:session-42|Session 42]]]


Berra has a small bundle with her, and two swords, and shining bronze armour. It is a little after the main heat of the day, and she is only sweating lightly. Her bronze helmet, under her left arm, has the black feather in it.

Palazzo of House Hulta stands proud over the street. Like a palazzo of a great house should.

Berra goes to the front gate, to ask if Lady Serenelda is free, or if she isn’t, Lord Kesten. Her Esrolian, unused, is a little verdigrised.

Porter looks at her questioningly. “And who would you be, lady?”

“Berra Jarang’s daughter. They know me.” She stands like she expects to be admitted.

Porter looks at her. Takes a double take on her armour and runes. Nods at guards who stand to block the entrance and then nods to Berra. Leaving her outside. “I will announce your presence.”

Berra gives him the placid smile of someone who has been on parade far too many times in a short life, and waits easily.

After a hot wait in the afternoon sun porter returns. “Mistress will see you, Humakti.”

Berra trots along obediently, hooking a peace-cord onto one sword but not another.

Porter stops inside the main door and looks at Berra’s swords. So does the guard who peeled off the door and is walking on her footsteps.

“I’m a Humakti. I’m not going to draw them except to defend your household. But one of them doesn’t get tied up.” She is holding her helmet under her arm, the little wrapper of sweets in her left hand. Her right is free.

They are just standing there. Not going any further.

Berra waits too.

Blocking the way into the house.

Berra stays, blocked, peaceful.

“I would be derelict of my duty if I let you any further with an unbound sword. I must regretfully ask you to leave.” says the porter.

“Yeah, well.” Berra considers, and then says, “I guess I have to send a note. But you… pfeh.” And she shrugs.

He waits politely and calmly. Guard behind you is getting tense. You can hear him breathing like a warrior who expects a fight to erupt and tries to stay calm.

Berra turns to go. She looks irritated, but not like she intends to draw on anyone.

The guard gives her plenty of room.

“Is there a message you would like to leave?” asks the porter.

At the gate, Berra stops to look to the porter again. “Could you give her these?” She holds out the packet.

He looks at Berra evenly and nods.

At his sign one of the guards comes forward to take that.

Berra hands them over then steps back, and tells the guard, “If one unbound sword from a guest makes your house sweat, I’m available for teaching. While I’m in Nochet.” With that, she bows.

Guard seems to be reacting but a glance from porter quiets him.

Berra walks off, back towards the Saiciae Palazzo.

Berra nearly kicks off at the Hulta Palazzo