Stormy Weather

1629, Sea Season, Harmony Week, Fireday


Varanis and Berra hug and make up. Session SA4.10.


Varanis waits. The storm has blown past already and she simply sits in silence, taking carefully measured breaths and waiting for her friend to be ready.

Suddenly, she tenses, as if sensing trouble. She clambers back to her feet and looks around.

Berra opens her eyes and looks about too, as if readying for action. She rolls to her feet in a way that puts her facing the opposite way to Varanis.

Varanis is staring off in the direction of Prax. She looks startled and then worried.

“There’s a storm. I think. I’ve never felt anything like it…”

Berra looks that way. “How long we got?” she asks the expert in such things.

“It’s far… I don’t know. I think it may be as far as Pavis.” Varanis frowns. “I’m not sure it’s even going to reach us. But…” She breathes a curse. “It’s massive.”

Berra looks that way, and glances around for Irillo. “Right. Let us know if we need to do anything.” She does not ask the merchant for magical sight, or anything else he might be able to provide.

“It’s forming fast. That’s not natural,” Varanis says.

“Stormbull?” Lenta squints her eyes as she looks east.

“It could move fast too, then. But it can’t get here before we can warn people, and anyhow, Kulharl is Orlanthi.” Berra looks up-slope.

Varanis nods. “Could be. I hope the others are ok. Those letters we got came from Pavis.”

“They’re competent. Maybe they can hunker down.” Berra sounds only a little worried.

Varanis chews her lip and stares into the distance. 1Insight: ||She’s really worried about this. Enough for it to likely distract her from everything that’s been going on around her to this point.||

“Concentrate on our thing,” Berra says. “Think later.”

Varanis takes some deep breaths. “Would it be bad to head into Prax after this, to go looking for them?”

“Depends what the storm is doing, and if you’d be able to find them. It’ll probably be over by the time you get anywhere so you’d need to ask around a lot.” Berra might be less worried than Varanis is.

There’s a heavy sigh and Varanis slumps a little. “You’re right, I suppose.” She peers upslope towards the top of Do Not Ask. “Are we ready to go soon?”

“Yeah.” Berra eyeballs the Humakti. “Farewell feast now. That’s allowed to be dust if you don’t have anything else, but we usually make do with actual food. It’ll be quick – a few bites each before action.”

Before Berra has a chance to react, Varanis pulls her into a swift hug. “I’m an idiot and I’m sorry. And I know Humakt makes things different for you, but I love you. I don’t want either of us to die with that unsaid.” The words come out in a rush and then Berra is set free.

“Ung!” Berra is less articulate. She blinks at Varanis, and then gives a surprised smile as her thoughts catch up with her.

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    Insight: ||She’s really worried about this. Enough for it to likely distract her from everything that’s been going on around her to this point.||