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Agri Hulta – Follower of noble Yelm, cousin of Lenta, second of Kesten in his duel against Berra. Exiled.

Alred – ‘Honest Alred’, horse trader of Whitewall. Not massively trustworthy, but does have the notable feature of knowing when to shut up. (Clue: it is when shouted at by a Humakti.)

Andrin – High Priest of Eurmal at Boldhome

Antoril – child of Matila and Finarvi, of Blue Tree Clan.

Argrath, King of Pavis – A Sartarite Orlanthi, in exile, who led the liberation of Pavis from the Lunars.

Aranda – Initiate of Uleria at Boldhome temple. Teacher of Xenofos. Originally from Monros, in northern Esrolia. Mid 20s. Dark-haired and beautiful.

Aranda Saiciae, aka “Grandmother” – Matriarch of House Saiciae. Deeply scary Ty Kora Tek Priestess.

Aranda the Vingan – Volunteer of Free corps. Loud, not afraid to tell her opinion. Not quite compentent rider. Used as commander of slingers.

Ardr Fonzirellisson – A Barntar Initiate who propositioned Berra in Wilmskirk.

Ariantha – Lone Vingan worshipper at Blue Tree. Ancient.

Arim – Initiate of Eurmal-The-Smoother-of-Trade(Fence), and pickpocket at Alda Chur

Arofarn – Noble of the Estaloth Clan, speaker for the Princeros Tribe

Barnropos Delaneo – Volunteer of the Esrolian free corps. Formerly of the Greens. One of the men used as cavalry commander. Spokesman for the Greens.

Barntmal Deleaos – Volunteer of the Esrolian free corps.

Benetin Salt-Bringer – Finarvi’s trader father

Beneva – High Priestess of Chalana Arroy at Boldhome

Berra Colymar – Descended from King Sartar, grandmother of Varanis. Killed at Grizzly Peak and was a ghost there until 1628.

Berra (the other one) – part Telmori, inherited Berra Colymar’s armour for a time. Buried in a cave in Boldhome.

Berra (baby) – Varanis’ child with an unknown Storm Bull. Foster child of Yehna.

Davana – of Bison Tribe, Straw weaver clan, arranged Rajar to marry her sister.

Davorala – Probably a fox shapeshifter. Met the group as alluring young woman in a weird mist. Asked them to get rid of intruders in her home.

Desdel Saiciae – Sage of Lhankor Mhy, uncle of Xenofos and Varanis. A mentor to Xenofos after Sestar passed away.

Desdel Saiciae (younger) – Horse breeder, brother Varanis. Married into House Delargareo. Died 1627 in a “hunting accident”.

Devolin the Deadly – A Duck “Toll keeper”, who keeps attempting, without notable success, to roll the PCs for tolls on the road (or sometimes river). Now bound to Varanis, who is ever-grateful for his wise advice and the protection he extends over her.

Dorasa – High Priestess of Lhankor Mhy at Boldhome

Dorasa – Priestess of Uleria at Boldhome temple.

D’Val the Sword- D’Val, Sword of Humakt, One Eyed Bird of Doom, Self-Exiled hero of the Marsh Ducks.

Ebron – High Priest of Sun Temple in Boldhome, year husband to Kalis in 1628-29.

Elanka Merelt – Possibly the woman who listened to Xenofos’ Lightbringers Song. Possibly. Varanis met her in Fire Season and exchanged a few angry words. Currently missing.

Endars – Initiate of Yelm, Grazelander Warrior, brother to Serala.

Entale Fineweave – weaver and tailor in the Boldhome market.

Eranda – Humakti initiate and guard member of House Saiciae. Blonde. ‘Perky Goth Humakti’.

Erhehta – Shaman of the Straw Weaver clan, Bison tribe.

Eril, High Sword of Humakt- Eril, High Sword of Humakt at Boldhome. Stiff, emotionless, aristocratic. Not a great fan of D’Val.

Esrolakar Zirandarn – Volunteer of the Esrolian Free corps. Formerly of the Golden Racers. One of the key holders of the war chest.

Falnin – Storm Voice in Wilmskirk. On good terms with Varanis.

Farqaa – Straw Weaver warrior who challenged Berra to a wrestling match and lost.

Fazzur Wideread – Lunar General, King of Tarsh (?). Married Mirava Saiciae in 1627. Brother-in-law to Varanis. (Click for more info)

Feshin – High Priest of Issaries at Boldhome

Finmast – One of the warriors of Greyrock Rise, now sobered up and healing. Father of Jenn.

Gallaf – Khan of the Straw Weaver clan of Bison Tribe.

Gallem – High Sword of Humakt at the Temple of Alda Chur. Aristocratic, dark robed, but not immovably arrogant.

Ganrel – Doorkeeper of the house of Saiciae and one-time heavy infantry alongside Berra, in a city under siege.

Garin Merelt – A cad. Uleria’s gift to discerning women, not renowned for his strategic or economical acumen. Exiled from Nochet, maybe from Esrolia.

Geoffri Ringeye – Mandarin Death Drake, High Priest of Humakt at Duck Point. Not a great fan of Berra or D’Val either, to be honest.

Giland – Shaman of the Pure Horse People, grandfather of Serala.

Haran – Yehna’s first child, Berra’s nephew. Blue Tree Clan.

Harel – A Priest of Orlanth at Boldhome. Tennebris’ flunky/assistant/fixer

Harjoon – Young Impala warrior captured and ransomed by Varanis.

Harmast – High Priest of Storm Bull in Boldhome. A fan of arm-wrestling to solve minor points of theology.

Harrek the Berserk- A psychopathic, Godkilling, Berserk hero. (Read more details here, but it’s not all canon for our game.)

Henalda of Babeester Gor – Spokeswoman of the axemaidens in the Esrolian free corps. Thinks infantry charge is the universal solution to tactical problems. If axeheaded by Babeester Gori.

Hendrestos Deleaos – Volunteer of the Esrolian free corps. Formerly of the Golden Racers.

Hengrast Silorsson – brother of Venlar and Yamia, big happy puppy. Met in Fire Season 1626

Hengrid – Artist (painter) in Wilmskirk. Gained fame by painting fabulous frescoes of Rajar defeating a mass of dragonsnails. Met in Fire Season 1629

Herenvot – King of the Princeros at Glasswall.

Hofhrai Deleaos – Young Orlanthi of house Deleaos. Duelled against Xenofos. Exiled. Met again at Esrolian Free corps. Not a commander, spoken down as a man of Fire Season.

Insterla – Traumatised child in the Blue Tree Clan. Great-niece of Arianatha the Vingan. Her family were killed by Tusk Riders.

Irena – Initiate of Issaries, Redsmith of Boldhome, one of several.

Irillo Norinel – Young noble. Volunteer of Esrolian Free Corps. Formerly of the Golden Racers. Served as quartermaster. One of the key holders of the war chest. Spokesman for the Racers. Died in storming of Alda-Chur.

Iron Lord – Presumed Sword of Humakt. Blacksmith of Boldhome. Real name unknown. Shaman.

Jadkorda and Verkorda – Grazelander twins who work as stewards in Apple Lane. One may the father of Serala’s child?

Jaldis, High Priestess of Chalana Arroy at Whitewall- The High Priestess of Chalana Arroy at the New “City” of Whitewall

Jar-eel Razoress – Lunar hero/demi-goddess. (Read more here)

Jenn Finmastdottir – Chalana Arroy Initiate in the Great Temple, formerly of Boldhome, and before that Greyrock Rise.

Kalis, High Priestess of Ernalda – High Priestess of Ernalda at Boldhome. Smooth, emollient, and a major level magician. Occasional lover of Varanis.

Kallyr Starbrow, Prince of Sartar- An Orlanthi Heroine, currently generally (but not universally) acknowledged as Prince of Sartar. (Read more here for background, but it’s not all canon for our game)

Kalops – brother to Varanis. Married into House Oranaeo. Killed by spirits in 1628.

Karlag Kanargsson – Orlanth Adventurous Initiate, formerly of Greyrock Rise.

Karne – An inspired seamstress and master of Sartorial crafts, in House Saiciae. Berra offended her.

Kesten Evaeo – Volunteer of the Esrolian free corps. Formerly of the Greens. Active in solving organization problems.

Kesten Hulta – An honourable, truthful Humakti and follower of a truth-finding Hero, who unfortunately found at least part of the Truth of a murder case. One of the husband-protectors of Serenelda.

Koraki Silverhand, Wind Lord of Orlanth – A Wind Lord of Orlanth. Seemingly a rootless, heavy drinking wastrel, but tied to the conventions of the role. Now King of Alda Chur.

Lanasha – Berra’s ex girl-friend, holding both a torch and a grudge. Almost killed a fellow Vingan and has been sent away from Nochet, with the other Vingan, to learn what the term spearsisters means.

Leika Blackspear, Queen of the Colymar – Either rival or friend to Kallyr, arguably the most powerful of her allies.

Lenta Hulta – A young woman with a crush on Varanis and no filters on her behaviour. Later encountered with Esrolian volunteers, somewhat more mature in attitude and at least some filters on.

Mabana – of Straw Weaver clan, married Rajar. Sister to Valseena.

Majafal – Younger brother of Neela, protective. Died in Argrath’s campaign in Tarsh.

Majaro Black Lance – An elder of Straw Weaver clan, wise in tales of heroes and their bisons, taught Xenofos of them. Uncle of Neela. Died after early Storm Season of 1627.

Marta – The Esrolian personal servant of Varanis. Disapproves of shenanigans.

Matila – a Blue Tree herder and mother of Finarvi’s child, Antoril.

Mirava Saiciae – Varanis’ oldest sibling. Wife of Fazzur Wideread and Queen of Lunar Tarsh (?).

Nameless – Leika’s Humakti, in Clearwine. Truly terrifying. (More details here)

Naril – Master of the Horses to the Prince of Sartar, and the poor man who had Tiwr ‘appreciate’ them overnight.

Neela – Eirithan initiate, of Straw Weaver clan, widow of late Najeem, took liking to Xenofos, annoyed with Varanis, despised Berra. Has a good herd her brother-in-law covets, because of its spotted bull. Stripes. Sweetest flower of the desert. In Earth season 1627 Xenofos heard she was with child.

Nerestina Hulta – Mother of Lenta Hulta. Disapproves Varanis’ manners and blames her for disappearance of Lenta.

Nersteva the Vingan – Volunteer of the Esrolian fee corps. Should really learn voice projection before destroying her voice.

Onjur the Lunar, Rune Lord of Yanafal Tarnils – Captain of the Lunars who claims to be honourable, but is perfectly prepared to make unsubstantiated accusations of theft, and to pay for people to be beaten or burned out of their homes.. Iron breastplate level of warrior with moon, death, and truth runes. Also breaks into people’s rooms to write threats on their walls, commissions assassinations, and is rumoured to kick puppies. The group is not a fan of this person.

Oralartha of Babeester Gor – Volunteer of Esrolian free corps.

Orgfal – Five winters old, son of Neela. Claims he captured Berra. Fierce.

Rondrik – Innkeeper of the Whitegrape in Boldhome

Roneer – Straw Weaver warrior and storyteller. Husband of Lalira.

Rushes to battle – Storm Khan from Impala tribe. Ill-mannered and brutal, chased away by the group. (From Tradetalk 16 by Neil Smith)

Salid the Sniveller – ‘Sid’. A troll-kin with the unfortunate fate of having been set against the PCs on one occasion, and allied to them when Rajar rose from his sleep to a Berserk frenzy. Notable for having survived on both occasions, and also going to Hell with the group.

Scaffloc – Axe and Bow warrior, scout. Aided the heroes Berra and Mellia in the defeat of the ogre-raiding cattle. Initiate of Waha. Phlegmatic and practical. Llama rider.

Senala Berrasdottir – Priestess of Ernalda at Greyrock Ridge

Serenelda Hulta – Noble lady of House Saiciae. Wife of Aktas and Kesten. Mother of Kesten’s son and other children by different husbands.

Serzeen – Lieutenant of the Guard in Clan Saiciae, Babeester Gor Rune Lady. Irillo’s long-term lover.

Silor Cracks-rock – Chief of the Cinder Fox clan and father to Venlar, Yamia, and others of importance to the adventurers.

Soialya Yelendar – Mother of Vahnfar. Does not blame Varanis for Vahnfar’s exile.

Sorala the Vingan – Volunteer of the Esrolian corps. Spokeswoman for the Vingan contingent. Woman of common sense. Died in the storming of Alda-Chur.

Stark – King of the Tovtaros

Tamakt – child of Yamia and Irillo. Proto-hero?

Teefeela – Duck of the night in Duckpoint. Guided Xenofos.

Tennebris, Chief Priest of Orlanth – A major political player in Boldhome, and Chief Priest of Orlanth (below Kallyr, as ex officio High Priestess)

Torograi Bird-Charmer – Bard of Queen Leika Blackspear of the Colymar Tribe. Middle-aged, greatly charismatic and well-versed in the sagas. A Bardic Hero, he is known to have sung so sweetly that birds were silenced to hear him, and to have shouted so loud in battle that thunder answered. Enjoys being treated well by people younger and richer than he is.

T’scha’lvarnilan’tiralis – A Beaked Dragonnewt hit with a rock by Serala in an unfortunate experiment.

Vahnfar – Singer and young man without much judgement, but with an acute sense of honour. Exiled from Nochet for duelling over Varanis on Ernalda’s High Holy Day. Singing voice was shattered.

Varaneva the Axe maiden – Volunteer of Esrolian free corps. Convicted of robbery but follows the army. Calm. Violent.

Vengulf – A dead farmer, met as a ghost, during Holy Season 1625

Venharl – “Retired” Bandit, died playing the role of Flesh Man in Holy Season 1625

Venlar Silorsson of the Cinder Fox Clan – Mellia’s husband, son of Silor and Thenaya, brother of Yamia and Hengrast and others. Lives in Blue Tree.

Venna, Gryflawdottir- A literate, rather than the usual literal, Storm Lady of Urox. One of Argrath’s generals.

Verars Bear Biter – Benetini’s older brother, a bitter, gruff old warrior with a lame leg.

Yamia Silorsdottir – Sister and bodyguard of Venlar, mother of Tamakt.

Yannioth – High Priestess of Y(Elmal)io, in Boldhome

Yarantor – High Sword of Humakt in service to Stark. No visible scarring, but some tattoos that peek around the hems of the robe.

Yehna – Berra’s younger sister. Ernaldan from Blue Tree. Mother of Haran. Current husband is Mehrim.

Yellow Storm – Shaman and Storm Bull, in service of Rushes to battle. Killed and later buried by the group.