I’m A Duck Too

Berra — Im A Duck Too

1627, Fire Season, Movement Week


Fire Season, Movement Week, Fireday, the late afternoon of the return to Boldhome. [[[s02:session-44|Session 44]]]

Questions to Duck, confused murder duckling edition

“How many people arrived from Esrolia, and how much support do they have?”
“Do you know when they set off?”
“…Um, am I a duck?”

1) 200. Not enough.
2) No
3) Ssort of.

“Any veterans?”
“Cavalry? Infantry?”
“Should I stop eating birds?”
“Are we family?”
“Should I learn to swim?”

1) No
2) Mickthd1GM had entirely too much fun spelling that.
3) If you want
4) Ssort of.
5) Yeth

“Would you prefer it if I stopped eating birds? Because I don’t know enough to decide.”
“I was a bit worried you were my father now or something.”
“Can you teach me?”

1) Birdth are creatureth of Yelm. Ath he thpurned uth, sso we thpurn him. But itth not a Geas. You can still eat them if you want, or you need to.
2) No. Your… thponther
3) Yeth. It will be cold.

“Great. Also, I need to learn more of the spell of Protection, and right now I have no money, but I’m about to have. Can you teach me that as well when I’ve got cash again?”

1) Yeth

“Is your allied spirit a Rune Lord?”

1) It’s a sspirit

“What happened with the Humakti at Drakemere?”

1) Sstruggling. I athked a Prietht to look in on them

“Godfri was the one who told me I was a duck.”
“If I gave you some hair would that make you a human?”
“Why would Lord Geoffri say I was arrogant?”

1) Becauth he found you tho?

“Uh… Why? Is it because he thinks you’re arrogant?”

1) Yeth. And because you’ve got featherth and are a Human.

“Ah, right. Well, it’s good to be back. How are you?”

Beat-pause. “Feathers, or one feather?” Berra has been trying to stay in a respectful posture during this conversation. By now she is lying on the floor, looking at him upside-down, and trying to make sense of the pattern of brickwork behind him in the wall of his room. “Who do I talk to about buying temple supplies for cavalry? I’m probably going to be visiting the Esrolians tomorrow. Would you like me to take your bison out for exercise?”

1) Yeth pleath. And talk to thr Yelmalianth. Atthuming the King hathen’t uthed it all.

“Nothing here? I have money.”

1) In the temple? Ask the High Thord.

“Yeaaaah. I was thinking that… Did you answer how you were?”

1) I am… buthy. Do you know, the Grathelanderth don’t rethpect Durulth?

Berra takes a moment to think about that. “Oh, right, yes. No, I didn’t. They didn’t respect me either. Woman.”

Berra asks D’Val about new arrivals, and being a duck

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    GM had entirely too much fun spelling that.