Duck Who Knows

Berra — Duck Who Knows


1627 Sea Season, down time in the Temple. [[[s02:session-39|Session 39]]]

Questions to Duck

“What’s the honourable way to treat an outlaw?”
“If someone does the right thing for the wrong reason, is that honourable?”
“Can the Harmony Rune represent the three legs of a stool? Because those are never lined up, but you need all three of them.”

1) It dependth.
2) In the eyeth of the world, yess. In the eyeth of the Gods, who knows?
3) Yess. I ssupposse.

“If a captured bandit is still alive, should I kill him before hanging him?”

1) Dependth. Did he thurrender or offer ranthome? Ith he being healed and under Chalana’th handth?

“If he’s under the healer’s care, he isn’t captured. But if he didn’t surrender.”

1) Then it dependts. The Law sayss you killing him without judgement would be murder. You are not judge, Thane or King. But it may be you are more merthiful than the Law.

“If he’s an outlaw then it doesn’t matter if I’m a judge. Does it? I guess I asked about bandits, not outlaws, but I was thinking about one who was definitely without a clan.”

1) Then it doeth not matter. Does he deserfe merthy?

“Dunno. Didn’t stop to ask. I’d say screw him – but then again, Death should be easy. No matter who you are. Right?”

1) Yeth.


He nods

How do you deal with someone who’s invisible if you know they are around?”

1) Dependts.


1) They will appear if they draw attention to themselveth by attacking. Be prepared.

“Aah. That’s good to know. Don’t die. If they don’t attack?”

1) Antissipate their movementh. Wait for their God to releasse them.”

“Yuhuh.” Berra nods. “I tried for Devolin with a javelin but I didn’t think it was really him, and it wasn’t.” She shrugs. Looks at him. Winces. “Will you teach me more of the god’s sacred spell?”

1) Which?

“Well, I can’t afford any but what the Temple will give me.” So, Bladesharp then.

He nods.

1) Of courth. You need to understand that the blade ith within.

“I’ll be free a week from now.”

The feathered head bobs.

. o ( Helmet feathers. I must never tell him.)