Fragment 2.27 – The Calm Answer

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 27


Dark was the night in the Temple of Humakt
Silent was Berra while Death was around her
In Meditation she pondered the secrets
Learning of Humakt and praying to heroes1As one of the first members of the Cult of Eril, Berra may have been praying to him directly.

Xarnis of Humakt a Sword of the sables
Stepped up to Berra with insults unbounded
Calling her trickster and duck-feather lover
Seeking to duel and take Truth from the Death-child

Out to the courtyard she walked him in silence
Told him to stay where his words would be wanted
She would return to the Temple of Humakt
There she would pray without him as companion

Berra was meditating when someone in the Temple cast a Dispelling magic on her, much to her absolute amazement. The man seemed to be a Humakti, and Berra was too surprised to take umbrage, and wanted to like him because he was lounging rather like Koraki. However, he went on to tell her that she was an initiate, and very small to be carrying iron, at which point she realised he was after her sword. When he called her a ducksucker she invited him to talk walk outside with her – and left him there, going back in to pray. Toras, outside, clapped loudly and got the man’s attention.

Some time later, after making a Divination on the correct way of behaving in a different matter entirely, Berra asked permission to see the Blacksmith. On her way there, she saw the Humakti, Xarnis, under a pile of guards struggling to keep him down. Toras said that it was very holy – the rage of Storm Bull had taken him.

Berra talked to the Blacksmith, who said that the person who had made the sword should repair it. They then left Tourney Altar in something of a hurry, to be pursued by Xarnis and his friends.

“Well, that was rude.” – Berra

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    As one of the first members of the Cult of Eril, Berra may have been praying to him directly.