Who am I?

Maalira the Willing

Tribe, Clan, Class

Straw Weaver Clan of the Bison Tribe.

Family Tree

Maalira family tree
Family tree for Maalira across three generations.


History Prior to 1625

Current Events

The following logs are sorted chronologically by year and season. These predominantly emerge from text-based role-play.

      • Ransom Demands
        Maalira — Ransom Demands 1627, Earth Season, Stasis Week Context Earth Season, Stasis Week, Clayday. Berra comes to take some details from what she thinks are her prisoners, only to find they might not be. Events A day has passed. Most of the screaming ...
      • Venlar In The Village
        Venlar meets Maalira properly, feeds her, shows her the village, and then has his sister hurt Berra to give her something to do.
      • Mellia And Maalira
        Maalira — Mellia And Maalira 1627, Earth Season Context Late Earth Season. Just after Varanis did not fall off the cliff after all. Events Before long, the healers are in the little shrine to Chalana Arroy and one of the village women has brought ...
      • Spinning Yarns
        Maalira — Spinning Yarns 1627, Earth Season, Disorder Week Context Late Earth Season, on the day Varanis went cliff-climbing Continues in . Events The rain has set in and people are hunching against it and talking about the harvest and the last fields. ...
      • Family Affairs
        Maalira — Family Affairs 1627, Earth Season Context Late in Earth Season, after the cliff-climbing day is over. Events Berra is, it seems, in awe of the hair. “That must be hell to keep sometimes.” “Just sometimes?” Maalira grins. “It’s well enough if I can ...
      • Giving Witness
        Maalira — Giving Witness 1627, Earth Season Context Earth Season, directly after the last scene. Events There he is – not more than a few paces away, looking nervously at Berra and Maalira. Maalira gives him an encouraging smile. Berra gives him a nod, and says, ...
      • Losing Heart
        Maalira — Losing Heart 1627, Dark Season Context The very start of Dark Season. EventsBerra has left her sister, her nephew, and her cousin at the White Grape, the now-familiar Boldhome in where the group sometimes stays. She has also left a lot ...
      • Breaking Heart
        Maalira — Breaking Heart 1627, Dark Season Context The very start of Dark Season. Spoilery for emotion Events Berra gets up, suddenly looking tired and drained. “We want to go left across the tributary,” she says. “There’s a bridge.” She tugs Followed along, this ...
          • Tabled Motion
            Maalira — Tabled Motion 1628 Context A little after Humakt’s holy day, in Jonstown, as the group escorts tiny Berra to meet Leika. Events It’s a little after noon. The day in Jonstown is peaceful, and Amphelise has been helping at the Hospital, and ...
          • HeroQuestions
            Maalira — Heroquestions 1628, Sea Season, Fertility Week Context Sea Season, probably Fertility Week, on the way to show Baby Berra to Queen Leika. Events Having obtained beer, and found a quiet table, Berra sits down where she can keep an eye on anyone ...
          • Public Ducking
            Maalira — Public Ducking 1628, Sea Season, Fertility Week Context Sea Season, Fertility Week, Waterday, after planting the River Egg and successfully drawing out a river.. Events Quackford. Late in the evening. The Shrine of the River insisted on putting the heroes up once ...
          • High Emotion
            Maalira — High Emotion 1628, Sea Season, Fertility Week Context Sea Season, close to the end of Fertility Week. Events Berra has not been back much over the past couple of days; the great Temple of Death held her, or other work did. Now ...
          • Whites Lady
            Maalira has come to the hospital for some of her seasonal service.
          • Onward and Upward
            Context It is towards the end of Sea Season. The rain that makes Sartar so fertile is starting to warm and starting to fade into the hot, alynx days of Fire Season. Berra has been at the temple a lot, but today the house has her, and Maalira. Berra is upstairs. Somewhere. Quietly. This can bode ...
          • Giving a Fig
            Maalira and Berra talk in the Dwarf Mine
          • Square Meal
            1628, Fire Season Context In an eating hall in Dwarf Mine. Session 3.12 Events It’s evening, around a day or maybe two after the group arrived at Dwarf Mine. Berra and Maalira are eating Dwarf Stuff, well away from the main crowd, in a big painted room. Varanis drifts over, freshly scrubbed and in a clean tunic and trews. ...
          • Darn Mending
            1628, Fire Season, Fertility Week: During some downtime in Dunstop, Berra teaches Maalira how to mend while Varanis attempts not to tear anyone to shreds.
          • Dun Stop
            Berra and Maalira chatter about freedom, practice, and taking a city by force.
          • Walking Out
            Berra and Maalira talk about getting out of Lunar Tarsh
          • Leaving the Empire
            Berra is worrying about Varanis. Maalira talks to her a bit.
          • Crying Wolf
            Berra and Maalira talk about Maalira’s part in the quest and the potential political fallout.
          • Paw Parade
            It is well into the morning after the wolf happened. Berra has been riding out on the right flank, as usual, and now she is bringing her magnificent, if slightly taboo in Prax, horse alongside Maalira’s bison.Maalira fails a Scan to see that Berra is incoming with a problem. Maalira tilts her head quizzically at Berra. “I’m ...
          • Little Spoons
            Berra and Maalira are less than mature about Varanis, sunburn, and pretty people.
          • Fuddled and Flirty
            A drunken Humakti hits on her healer. Will she remember later? (1628, Earth Season, Fertility Week, Windday)
          • Sleeping It Off
            While Berra sleeps, Maalira manages to convince Varanis to stay still long enough for her wounds to be checked and cleaned. (1628, Earth Season, Fertility Week, Windday)
          • Arroin’s Mercy
            Maalira helps Sindnos, a follower of Arroin, with some tricky surgery. Then she notices someone who looks like Yamia.
          • Baby’s First Battle
            Maalira meets Yamia and the still-small Tamakt in the tent of the healers. Yamia introduces her unconscious brother.
          • Tamakt Tucked Away
            Berra is still drunk. Maalira needs a place to stash Tamakt and Varanis makes a convenient, if reluctant, guard. (1628, Earth Season, Fertility Week, Windday)
          • Fixing Yamia
            Once Tamakt is safe and resting, Yamia allows herself to be healed, on her own terms.
          • Patient to a Fault
            Maalira, on being told she has a patient, finds someone with a lot of answers.