Fragment 2.32 – The Crown of Authority

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 32


Back through the wilds came the war-band of Berra
Stopping at Dangerford but to change horses
Then to the gap of the Donalf of Sartar
Alda-Chur called and she answered the calling

Into the Temple of Death in the Far-Place
Berra walked upright as tall as she could be
Holding her head with the pride of Humakti
Bowing to Gallem in pleasure at meeting1Gallem was the High Sword who allowed Berra to hang her Votive Offering in his Temple. Perhaps this explains Berra’s happiness. The Sage Llewun calls it an obvious euphemism.

Long did they talk of the journey before her
Finding the Queen of the Grazelands on horseback
Gallem had scouts who reported her movements
Berra went back to Varanis with scout-lore

For Berra, the journey to Alda Chur was pretty uneventful, although she had to worship Humakt alone overnight again. Varanis fell in the river but Berra was up ahead and didn’t see or hear the fuss until afterwards. In Alda Chur, Berra greeted High Sword Gallem, who was pleased to see her, and had apparently won money in a bet that she would stay alive. She told him about the fake zebras. he told her about Argrath’s arrival, and the recent movements of the Feathered Horse Queen.

Berra took time to Divine a question of Humakt, asking ‘how are you?’. In return she had an image of a battlefield with corpses and sundered shields and broken spears – and swords left whole.

Then Berra reported to Varanis, and they set off to track the Feathered Horse Queen.

“You’re late.” – Gallem
“I worshipped in the field.” – Berra