City map of Boldhome for RuneQuest, by @Akae06 (source)

The capital of Sartar, this city is built high above the plains in a split valley amid peaks sacred to Orlanth and his pantheon. It is the biggest city in Sartar, with a population of about 10 000.1Jeff R. 16 Jan 2023 The city serves as the political and religious center of the kingdom, and a center of trade and learning. Following the Dragonrise, Kallyr Starbrow liberated Boldhome and was acclaimed Prince of Sartar by the assembled free peoples. Varanis and Berra own a house here.

Boldhome is a diverse and cosmopolitan city, far more than most Gloranthan settlements. There are young, unmarried warriors from the Adventurous cult, caravanners and merchants from all over, veteran Humakti warriors, Earth women with their snakes, tattooed Thunderers, Sun Dome pike men, Axe Maidens, dancing Earth Shakers, Seven Mothers mystics, hazia fiends, and poets, Eurmali clown societies, Healers of the White Lady, bearded scribes, devotees of Love, Storm Bull cultists ranting about the White Bull, potters and red-smiths with their kilns, cattle women and Animal Nomads, mounted Pure Horse People, the occasional elf or troll, and even dragonewts. There’s a cacophony of music, song, shouts, and tongues – Tradetalk as nearly as common as Sartarite, and Esrolian, Praxian, and New Pelorian can almost always be heard. There are dancers, sights, and smells; spices from the Holy Country and beyond, braying Praxian beasts, incense and hazia, wine, and grilled meat.

Jeff R. (17 June 2022)
Matt Ryan map
New map of Boldhome by Matt Ryan (source)

The Temples of Boldhome

Boldhome has “great temples to Orlanth, Ernalda, and Issaries, major temples to Chalana Arroy, Humakt, Lhankor Mhy, Storm Bull, and the Seven Mothers, minor temples to Aldrya, Aranea, Argan Argarn, Eiritha, Eurmal, Gustbran, Kyger Litor, Uleria, and Yelmalio, and shines to Asrelia, Maran Gor, Babeester Gor, Donandar, Lanbril, Ty Kora Tek, Voria, Yelm, and several Daka Fal lineages – plus likely more.”

Jeff R. (8 May 2023)

Air Temples: There is a Great Temple to Orlanth, as well as temples to Orlanth Thunderous (East Pocket), Orlanth Adventurous (West Pocket, also includes Vinga), Orlanth Rex (Palace), and Sartar (Palace).2Vinga and Orlanth Rex are additions from our game and don’t appear in the published material yet, but really… for Kallyr’s city, they make sense!

Earth Temple: Ernalda’s Great Temple dominates the Earth Quarter. It is headed by Kalis, an Esrolian import.

Eiritha Temple: A minor temple to the Herd Goddess, probably close to the Earth Temple and the pastures?

Clown Tower: The only public temple of Eurmal the Trickster in Dragon Pass stands near to the Earth Temple.

The Hospital: A major Temple to Chalana Arroy stands near the Prince’s Palace. Headed by Beneva, the Sister of Mercy, this temple has a Healing Dragon associated with it.

Temple of Humakt: Berra has to write this one.

The Market: The Issarian Temple both is the Market and looks out over it. This is the heart of Boldhome for most people outside the palace. (Hmmm. There are actually two Issaries temples and two markets and I know this from the draft, but I need to see if it’s public knowledge.)

The Library: The Knowledge Temple is a major temple of Lhankor Mhy and is one of the largest and most important of the Third Age Libraries.3Alongside Jonstown (Jeff R. 1 Aug 2021)

Sun Dome: A minor temple to Yelmalio, the Sun Dome Temple gleams down over the city from north of the palace. Lord Ebron leads the 150 worshippers in Boldhome. There’s another temple at Runegate.

Shrine of Elmal: A small shrine at the foot of the Thousand Steps.

Storm Bull: High on the cliffs and well away from the general populace, stands the Temple of Storm Bull. The distance and height help protect the city when the rituals get a little too… Storm Bull.

Ulerian Temple: A minor temple to Uleria, found near the Market. There are several rooms here, including large bathing rooms, a common dining room, and many private rooms. There is also a garden.

Cult Numbers

Close up of the palace in Boldhome with the Flame of Sartar in the foreground. (Source)

Neighbourhoods and Guilds



Boldhome Bronze Workers Guild

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    Jeff R. 16 Jan 2023
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    Vinga and Orlanth Rex are additions from our game and don’t appear in the published material yet, but really… for Kallyr’s city, they make sense!
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    Alongside Jonstown (Jeff R. 1 Aug 2021)