Blue Tree Shrine of Barntar

Geographical Area, Size, and Description

Shrine of Barntar, Blue Tree Clan of the Colymar Tribe

The Shrine is the biggest building in the small Holy Area of the BlueTree palisade, by a space which is surrounded by other holy buildings. It is large enough that most of the men of the village can fit inside, and has a high wattled wall to keep out the eyes of those who do not know the secrets of ploughing.

The organisation is Shrine-sized, having somewhat under 200 adult members.

Leadership and Organisation

  • High Priest: Chief Dogva Barsson
  • Initiates: Most males in the village, and some of the surrounding Clanlands
  • Lay Members: Boys of the village


Chief Dogva is the Ploughman of the Village, and represents Barntar in the sacred dances. His assistants are farmers in good repute. Dogva represents both Orlanth and Barntar, and is initated into both Cults. When he has to choose between them for holy days, he is Orlanth for the good of his Clan, and a male relative of his will take the part of Barntar.

External Relationships

Larger than the shrine of Orlanth and Vinga, and shares many of the officials.

Rumours and Public Knowledge

The men sometimes gather inside the holy wall, away from women’s eyes, just for a quiet beer, or a loud one.