Boldhome Temple of Humakt

Geographical Area and Description

Boldhome, Sartar. A large Temple.

The Temple of Humakt sits between the Yelmalian and Lhankor Mhy Temples, at some distance from both, at the southern end of the valley that leads to the amphitheatre. It is a large, cross-shaped stone building with old walls and a new roof. There is a courtyard for training and stabling, with three doorways off it, the central one leading into the main temple, one leading to a meditational space, and one to a storage area. Stabling is along another wall of the courtyard. There is a second entrance at the other end of the cross, for the use of the Initiated only. It is usually used during ceremonies with public elements.

Leadership and Organisation

High Priest (High Sword) and Wyter Priest

Eril Sambar

Rune Lords (Swords of Humakt)

7: A total of four men, two women, and one Duck.

  • Eril Sambar
  • Heenith Egilson, Sword of Humakt. Commander of Initiates and Logistician/General.
  • Graria, Sword of Humakt. Lay Mistress. You may snigger exactly once. Commander of the garrison troops, responsible for barracks being available, training being organised for the membership, and hiring from the Temple.
  • Jarlai, Sword of Humakt. Commander of Initiates.
  • Orina, Sword of Humakt. Commander of Initiates.
  • Black Sword of Humakt. Name unknown. Blacksmith. Made the Wyter Sword, and Torch, the sword of Truth.
  • D’Val the Sword. Tall, for a Duck. Commander of Initiates (but not very many of them, most of the time).


Many including Berra Colymar Humakti, Wyter Priest of Eril’s Hero Cult.

There are fewer initiates than would be expected for the number of Rune Lords, but the Temple is growing.

Lay Members

Many. The Temple is a Great Temple in times of war, as lay membership swells the ranks.

The High Sword commands the Swords of Humakt, and holds the Wyter. Each of the Swords commands a sub-unit within the Regiment, and may have additional duties. For example, Graria sees to the Lay Membership, and their logistics within the Temple. Heenith sees to supply and command of the entire Regiment in the field. The Blacksmith has no unit to command, while D’Val the Sword has very few Initiates answering to him directly.

Recently the High Sword was forced to step down following a Heroquest, but remained the Wyter Priest. After he recovered he took up his duties once more.

External Relationships

The High Sword, Eril, is a politician who makes allies and enemies easily, but not friends. The Temple is rich enough to be self-supporting, but the source of these riches has never been investigated. The Temple historically held land around the area for the support of the Regiment and the Rune Lords, and this is again the case, indicating that Kallyr awarded these lands to the Temple.

Rumours and Public Knowledge

There are tunnels under the Temple that lead into the Hero Plane.
The Temple was the home of the Household of Death.
The building stood empty for many years, before the arrival of Kallyr Starbrow and Eril’s Regiment.
Lord Eril was struck down by one of his Initiates in a Heroquest, and that is why he had to take a leave of absence. The Initiate went to Hell.
Eril Sambar recently slew Orlanth here, on the command of Kallyr.
The sword that Sarostip Cold-eye used to kill Temertain was hidden in the Temple by Arkat, long ago.