Fragment 3.10 – The Passing of Blue Tree

Hard was her heart as she walked past her tula
Hard as the hobnails her grandfather made her
Berra walked on past the voice of her sister
Going to duty and leaving her kinfolk

The group passed by the Blue Tree, picking up some gift horses for later, including what were apparently some goldeneye crossbreeds. Berra spent a long time talking about how that was a stupid thing to cross-breed with chariot ponies, while other people humoured her. They travelled up to Herongreen and then Alda Chur, where Koraki, disguised as a guide, invited them in to the Prince’s Castle, where they met Koraki, disguised as a King. They explained the problem of the bat to him, while Berra tried to keep a straight face in an argument with him about grapes.

“We don’t breed those. I mean, you basically can’t.” – Berra
“And that’d freeze to death.” – Berra

quarter of an hour of explaining why some horse cross-breeding is a bad idea – Berra

“Let’s just leave Berra to her conversation about horses. Alone. And not poke her.” – Maalira
poke – Xenofos
“Because you’re trying to ride horses that don’t usually get broken to the saddle! That would be your problem! That and being able to put your feet down!” – Berra
“You wouldn’t need a chariot. Just oil the bottoms of your boots!” – Berra

“She really doesn’t … get the idea about… subtle.” – Berra

“Berra points various people to the doors.” – Berra

“You’ve brought your very own fruit-knife of Humakt…” – Koraki
flame blade – Berra

“Berra starts eating toasted grapes.” – Berra

“Hey, Maalira, come stand over here? The doorway’s got grapes.” – Berra

“Berra begins to be completely professional shortly before the guards come in.” – Berra

“That’s Berra, and that’s she who must not be named.” – not Koraki
“He’s pointing at us, isn’t he? He’s pointing at us.” – Berra, quietly

When they get into the long straight bit, Berra relaxes and looks ahead for a bit, and tells Koris, “I like that part. And how they’re hollow.”

“And… have they changed since last time? I’m sure they’ve changed and maybe more than once.” – Berra

“Berra is standing on her bison to watch better.” – Berra

“Dwarf always likes seeing him.” – Dwarf
“Why?” – Berra
“Well, Trader reckons he has a chance.” – Dwarf

( Iron. ) o . Berra
sighs – Berra

“Berra shrugs out her shoulders.” – Berra