Fragment 2.39 – The Rejection of Danaril

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 39


Eastward she walked at the end of her journey
Captured by mist as the slave of illusion
There was a liar who led her to testing
Bright though the mist was the sun was defeated

Into the house that was earned by a Lunar
Given for loyalty shown in the Empire
Berra went bold seeking foes with her hopes high
Sword in her hand and her shield held before her1This stanza is usually given without the shield, but Alleyn marks the shield as being magical, and therefore rejects the alternative, ‘her magic around her’.

There in the baths of the house of the Lunar
Taking their ways as he sat in the bath-house
Berra saw Darnaril son of her uncle
Tattooed in red with a Moon Rune upon him

Sadly he asked her for news of the clanlands
Silent she stood and she listened to pleading
Turned then away from the man who broke geasa
Walked back to Boldhome and left him behind her

Lost in the mist after setting off from Duck Point, the group found themselves helping a lady who had an invader in her house. They explored carefully, but found only a man in the baths, beating himself with sticks and singing a sad song about being a prisoner. To her horror, Berra recognised him as her cousin, Danaril. They told him to leave, but when the lady – a fox woman – arrived, she told them that was not the invader. That turned out to be a ghost. The Lunars had been killed her, and the ghost was weeping for her children, who had disappeared. They laid the body to rest and Irillo took the bones up towards Alda Chur, accompanying Danaril towards the Blue Tree Clan.

Berra worships overnight. Other people can do it in the morning.
People try to use the area. There is some swearing, and she moves to a different part of the courtyard.

Rajar is looking like thunder in the damp but the comforting rhythm of the ride and water dripping off his helm is comforting.
Berra makes sure he has enough beer. “And you have a bit of pig fat stuck in your beard.”

“The fox spirits told us there was treasure under some trees, so we dug there, but there wasn’t. I think we had made them nice holes to live in though.” – Berra

Berra looks around for the others. Mostly trying to see if anyone else got that.
Varanis is gazing adoringly at the woman.

“So, Rajar. She’s pretty, but she was making eyes at me, and I’m not all that… Is this like that time I was in Wilmskirk?” – Berra

“Berra chews on her hand.” – Berra
“She is obviously trying to shut up.” – Berra

“Berra is looking very low-key angry, but not at Danaril.” – Berra

“Berra bristles at the suggestion of help.” – Berra
“And is obviously jumpy.” – Berra

“Hey… do you still like dried apple with cinnamon?” – Berra
<Berra offers a bit to Danaril.>

“I don’t think you’ll want to hear this.” – Xenofos
“You’ve never understood me.” – Berra

Berra is dashing up to look for the child’s room with the doll.

“Someone who hasn’t seen Ring, go and investigate the well.” – Suuraki

“Berra was attempting to not reach out…” – Berra
“So it is good someone else did.” – Berra

  • 1
    This stanza is usually given without the shield, but Alleyn marks the shield as being magical, and therefore rejects the alternative, ‘her magic around her’.