Fragment 3.1 – The Judgement of Tennebris

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 3 1


In the new year of the omens of plenty
Morning dawned bright at the Temple of Orlanth
There sat Varanis in talks with the Storm-Voice
Berra behind her was silent of judgement

Tennebris drunkenly said to the women
Join me in drink for my cares are too many
Such was the scorn in the words that she gave him
No more he drank of the brandy1‘Air-Wine’ – wine that is strong. before him

Kallyr invited Varanis, and thus Berra, up to show baby Berra to the court. There, Kallyr announced Varanis was her preferred heir, and baby Berra after that. Then there was a feast, at which Berra spotted Gunda the Guilty, but did not clue Varanis in about it until afterwards. Eril was kind enough to let Berra sit and eat, taking her place on guard. Berra worked out that this gave him a good view of Gunda and let him protect at least one heir while also staying on his feet for quick reactions. She was hardly rude about him going grey at all. Later she reminded her lord that she knew Harrek, in case that was useful.
There were lots of small bits of admin; Berra and Varanis saw Tennebris to organise going to see Queen Leika with the new heir, and they all went off to take baby Berra to her home in the Blue Tree, with Yehna. Kalis arrived there with a priestess, the mother of Yehna’s new lover, who just happened to be looking for a place to be Ernalda. Kalis also performed some huge Earth magic, creating basic earth walls for the village.
Berra organised guards from among the Malani Humakti, as well as the warriors of the village, but left most of the decisions with Chief Dogva.
After dealing with all of that, Berra went to see the ducks, asking them if any could find her magic for water-breathing, and promising them a finders’ fee if they did.

“There’s a rustling behind you.” – GM
“I look round, and up, as a single action.” – Berra knowing how tall this person will be

“This is a bit creepy, to be honest, having him there.” – Berra
“Jarangsdottir, despite my advanced age, I am not entirely bereft of hearing.” – Eril
“Yeah, you have been going grey, and I was meaning to ask about that…” – Berra

“There’s a very pale blonde woman…” – GM
( Oh fuck. ) 0 o . Berra

“Berra. I need a polite way to get out of here. Wait, why am I asking you?” – Varanis
“Because I’m very good at this sort of thing…. but … hmm… My Lord – she needs a polite way out.” – Berra

“Why didn’t anyone TELL me Tennebris was in love?” – Berra

“… I could really do with that wine right now.” – Berra
“You’re my BEST FRIEND and I LOVE YOU!” – Berra

“This is a royal checkpoint.” – Duck
“How convenient. I’m Royal, so can hand over what you earned.” – Varanis

“You have the hospitality of meat, and salt…” – GM
“I ate all the salt and my tongue’s gone funny.” – Berra

“I don’t want her to live in Boldhome with all those machinations.” – Varanis
“Horse-shit’s cleaner.” – Berra

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    ‘Air-Wine’ – wine that is strong.