Fragment 2.12 – The Call to Duty

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 12


Temple and Prayer held heart of Humakti1Alliteration indicating more modern patching on a verse
Truth called and duty and she ran to answer
Eager to search for the daughter of Hulta
Eager though feuding with Kesten she offered2An exemplary Humakti offer; not putting aside the offered duel we see in Kesten’s Doom, but ignoring it as a matter that should not stop the offer of aid. Although the indications are that Hulta threatened Saiciae, it is understood as a matter of course that Berra took service with Mellia at this point, as a gesture of support without military promise.

Lord Kesten Hulta called on the House of Saiciae with an escort of six warriors, to issue an ultimatum to the House. If Varanis did not return Lenta by noon, there would be dire consequences. In a meeting with Grandmother, it was found through the Wyter that Serzeen was dead. Berra did a lot of running around trying to find where Varanis and Co. might be, and failed, but Varanis, minus some company, came back to the house later. Xenofos was missing. Nala was too, but she came in later.

“These are words of house Hulta to house Saiciae. Varanis Saiciae must return Lenta Hulta before noon on Godsday or the consequences will be of the most severe order.” – Kesten
“Berra gives a tiny smile, nothing more, and then she stares.” – Berra

“So, I still like him a lot more than most of his house, but he’s a bit up himself.” – Berra

“They’re bluffing.” – Grandmother
“They came with 6 warriors in war panoply.” – Berra
“A good bluff…” – Grandmother

“You shouldn’t be with me right now. There’s a sartarite phrase… ‘fuckton of trouble’. I’m going to be causing it.” – Berra

“Nevertheless there are forms to obey. Is this sufficient as a retainer for what you would do anyhow?” – Grandmother holds up a clack
“… No.” – Berra

“Mellia! The servants recall that Varanis and Lenta got into the palanquin, a little before midnight. And Garin Meralt left a little after.” – Berra
“Interesting.” – Mellia

“I’ll take a run up to the Babeester Gor temple.” – Berra

“Yes. And if you could only talk to Kesten things might be settled.” – GM
“But someone is fuming.” – GM
“Berra’s considering breaking in to get arrested.” – Berra