Lunar Provinces


Five kingdoms of the provinces1Guide to Glorantha

AggarRasciusEneal (7K)220K
HolayQueen InranaFilichet (15K)600K
ImtherKing MargorHilltown (3K)50K
TarshKing Pharandros?Furthest360K
VanchKing GormoralBikhy (8K)150K
See Guide to Glorantha p. 329 for details about rulers

Political Situation/Current Ruler/Pretenders

Tributary Kingdoms. Kings sends taxes to Emperor by way of Provincial Government at Mirin’s Cross in Saird. Provincial Overseer is Appius Luxius (in post for 35 years!) – impeccably honest (Rumoured to be one of the Emperor’s sons!). Under him are the General of Procurement and Disbursement (taxes), General of the Provincial Army, and General Guide for the Lunar Way (religion).2Guide to Glorantha, p. 328

Quinscion the Patient (Gen. of Procurement & Disbursement) – honest and irritable. In position for over 66 years. Gaming buddy of the emperor. Has four assistants and a demon/dog called Ivex Devouring Dog (imperial tax collector).3Guide to Glorantha, p. 329

By the end of 1626, the provinces were in a state of rebellion, as hill tribes in Aggar, Holay, Imther, Talastar, and Vanch rose up.4Glorantha Sourcebook, p. 189


Orlanthi with varying degrees of Lunarization – Holay is most “civilised” while Brolia is wildest 5Guide to Gloranth, p. 328

Wheat, barley, oats, maybe maize near cities

Vinyards, orchards

Cattle, sheep, horses, pigs

Theyalan dialects and Tradetalk

Dominant Cults/SubCults/Represented Species

Open worship of Orlanth tolerated in western provinces. Most folks openly worship Ernalda and Barntar. Other Lightbringers worshipped include Chalana Arroy, Humakt, Issaries, and Lhankor Mhy. Some Storm Bull worship in the western provinces only.6Guide to Glorantha, p. 328

In Saird, Yelmalio is key sun god (11 Sun Dome temples). Oria and Lodril are also worshipped.7Guide to Glorantha, p. 328-29


Notable Locations and Maps

Combined map of Tarsh, Holay, and Aggar (Argan Argar Atlas, sections of maps 28 and 29)


Daughter’s Road built for (or by) Goddess of the Red Moon. 12 wagons wide, paved in crushed stone. Glass Temples set a day’s march apart along the way. Runs from Jillaro-of-the-Prince’s Green to Filichet.8Guide to Glorantha, p. 321

Tarsh Road runs from Filichet to Furthest, the Temple of the Rising Moon, and Slavewall, then to Alda-Chur9Guide to Glorantha, p. 189


The Kingdom of Aggar, (Argan Argar Atlas, map 28 & 29)

Aggar is rugged hill country, full of rugged, warlike tribes, barely held together by King Rascius in Enneal. The lowland areas are more sedentary and mannered, but Aggar in general is seen as uncivilised and barbaric. Lots and lots of bandits.10Guide to Glorantha, p. 331

King Rascius is both proud and bribeable. He doesn’t want Imperial help dealing with his kingdom. Pays his taxes on time to keep the Emperor’s people from meddling.11Guide to Glorantha, p. 329

Non-human inhabitants of Aggar12Guide to Glorantha, p. 19, 331
  • Telmori in Billiz foothills, below Soren Mountain
  • Uz – mostly warbands from Halikiv
  • Herds of wooly mammoth
  • clan of intelligent Jolanti – Dringi (giants made by the Mostali)

Billiz: Foothills NE of Mt Soren. Telmori packs and Uz warbands roam this area. Abandoned Sun Dome Temple.13Guide to Glorantha, p. 19, 331, 334

Burnt Hill: Orlanthi holy place, N of Eneal. Sacrifices made here before rebellions (against tyrants and gods).14Guide to Glorantha, p. 334

Eneal: An ancient Vingkotling hillfort, this fortified city is the royal seat of Rascius. Famous for its Temple of the Truth of Lhankor Mhy. Nearby is Sheafgore, haunted battleground from Second Theyalan War.15Guide to Glorantha, p. 334

Orenair: Forantin River valley – densely settled. Culturally similar to Saird. Strong loyalty to the King of Aggar. Sun Dome Temple is strong in this area.16Guide to Glorantha, p. 334

Rockwood Mountains: These mountains and their foothills include forests where the Aggar green elves and the Dringi jolanti live.17Bestiary, pp. 12, 63 Other creatures of the Rockwoods include scorpion men, gargoyles, pumas, mountain broos, Wind Children, and Mostali.

Soren Mountain: One of the Orlanthi Sacred Peaks, and part of the Rockwood range.18Guide to Glorantha, p. 334


Holay is a central Lunar province, with Tarsh to the south, Aggar to the west, and Imther to the northeast. It is said to be the most civilised of the Lunar provinces.19Guide to Glorantha, p. 328 Rolling hills, plains, valleys. Queen Inrana sits the Horse Throne and wears the Necklace of Radiance. Young (maybe seeking a husband), has claimed her unborn daughter will marry the King of the World.

Where Holay bleeds into Tarsh, via the Oslir River (Argan Argar Atlas, map 29)

Barnborn: Small city on the Oslir. Cult of Hero Alakoring Dragonbreaker – big temple supported by the rulers of Holay and still popular under Lunar rule.20Guide to Glorantha, p. 335

Dolsonin: Small city on the Oslir, associated with Barteri Tribe. Famous Great Temple to Ernalda (cow or woman with cow horns) and Barntar.21Guide to Glorantha, p. 335

Filichet: Capital of Holay, west of Lake Invaress, shrines to Virkala Tor (Riches Without Tears) built by Moirades. Likely still loyal to the Emperor. Famous Bell Temple to Earth Goddesses – bells chime frequently and loudly. 22Guide to Glorantha, Glorantha Sourcebook

Mirin’s Cross: Fortress at junction of the Oslir and Black Eel Rivers, shrines to Virkala Tor (Riches Without Tears) built by Moirades. Likely still loyal to the Emperor.23Guide to Glorantha, p. 335

Saird: The lowland region of Holay. Cosmopolitan and civilised – people are referred to as Sairdites. Lots of Sun Dome Temples. 24Guide to Glorantha, p. 335 “Saird is a rich stew of little religious and cultural enclaves, hostile cults, and different cultures.”25Guide to Glorantha, p. 337

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