Fragment 2.3 – The Return to Whitewall

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 3


Then by the wagon she walked down to Whitewall
Seeing once more where she acted as Humakt
Paused to give thanks to the High Sword of Boldhome
Burning a feather for D’Val of the Duck-folk1One of the epithets of Jarang’s Daughter is ‘blackfeather’.

Guarding the mule-train she let no-one sway her
She had been into hell stood on guard then
Treating each task that was given with honour
Stalwart and stout as a guard ever should be

After a little wrangling because Berra was not prepared to help other people pretend to be her, she agreed to go into the palanquin and covered wagon to keep Yamia company. When they got to the outskirts of Wilmskirk Yamia heard an argument between Enlo and humans, and became panicked when Mellia tried to calm her. She bolted, and Berra ran her down and tackled her, while Mellia cast sleep.

Yamia got switched to the wagon and Berra spent two days swinging her feet on the rear of it, acting as a guard. She did notice that there was an extra patient who appeared in the donkey cart, but did not seem to care.

In Whitewall, she was guarding the mules when she spotted someone eyeing them up, and gave him such a death stare that he backed off in genuine fear. Someone later asked Dormal to be sure she was out of the way two days from then. That evening, Berra told Jaldis about how she had killed the Demon of Darkness.

“You don’t wear your shiniest armour to travel.” – Dormal
“I do!” – Berra

“Buy a moustache to go on the outside of her armour?” – Irillo

@@*@@looking at Berra flatly@@*@@ – Irillo
“You’re giving me that look.” – Berra

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    One of the epithets of Jarang’s Daughter is ‘blackfeather’.