Temple Of Uleria

Berra — Temple Of Uleria

1627, Storm Season


Late in Storm Season, at the Temple of Uleria. Berra has decided that as she is going to someone else’s Temple, she should do her best to be the guest they will expect, and has money for a donation to the sacred feast. However, she is also coming to see someone in particular. [[[s02:session-29|Session 29]]]


Late on Clayday, Berra comes to the Temple of Uleria. She walks around to the door dedicated to feasting, to go in that way. The bath doors get ignored. Presumably the sacred bordello isn’t even thought about.

Uleria in her splendor, with Runes of Life and Eternity, looks down on Berra from over the doors, with a mysterious smile.

Berra, who does not care, just shoves the door with her hand. She is in light armour and only has her iron sword with her. Still, when one visits Uleria in the evening, one should be dressed to kill.

“Welcome, what brings you to House of Life today, Berra, you who follow the path of Death?” a melodious voice asks. The voice belongs to a middle aged woman dressed in simple green dress, with brown penetrating eyes and a warm smile.1Berra fails both Fertility and Death rolls to see if she is affected by the powerful presence of this woman.

“I’ve come to see my friend,” Berra says, matter of fact. “Xenofos.” Then, a beat-pause later as something else occurs to her she says, “And if you knew my name, you probably knew that too.”

“I knew who you are, but I did not know why you are here, little Humakti.” Her voice is warm. She is not as beautiful as Lanasha, but she moves with grace and voluptuousnes that is pleasing to the eye.

“Then you didn’t know who I was,” Berra says, although she’s grinning. “So. My friend.”

“Xenofos? He sleeps in embrace of the Mistress.”

“Yeah. Any idea when he’ll wake?” Berra hooks a hand around her belt.

She shrugs elegantly. “No, Berra, I do not know, when that might be. Do you wish to wait? Or perhaps leave him a message?”

“I’ll wait for a bit,” Berra says, and digs into a pouch by her hand. “And eat. I can’t eat vegetables.”

She nods and beckons a servant to lead Berra to small chamber.

This initially surprises Berra, who was expecting a holy feast, but she waits patiently.

A bit later bowl of porridge, with slices of bacon on top is brought.

“Paid meal?” Berra suggests. “I’m not looking for free food.” Now she is confused.

The pouch has money in, and Berra keeps it in her hand for the moment, waiting on an answer.

“You can leave a donation if you wish” servant tells her. “Goddes does not buy or sell.”

“If I’m going to be eating alone, I wouldn’t have asked for food,” Berra says. “I’ll just wait.”

“As you wish, Berra. But are you trying to say you wish company, not food when you wait?”

“I’m saying I came in to the feast place, not for baths or sex. That’s what I’m saying.” Berra gives the woman a patient look. “If I’d wanted something else, I wouldn’t be standing where I am.”

Servant looks at Berra with polite look, takes the bowl away and vanishes.

Berra waits patiently, eyes closed.

A bit later the woman in green appears. She has with her jug, two cups and a small loaf of bread. She sets them on the table and takes a seat opposite Berra.

“Heya,” Berra says, eyes opening.

The Ulerian breaks a small part of the loaf, dips it in small pile of salt on the edge of the plate and eats it.

After that she pours water to the two cups.

Berra, having done the same, makes polite if slightly distracted conversation while waiting. She mostly avoids talking about herself, sticking to trying to listen.

“My apologies. I should have remembered you are a country girl. My name is Dorasa.”

Her brown eyes have golden spots as they bore at Berra.

Berra shrugs. “I learned about Ulerian Temples in Nochet,” she says casually. “But not first-hand.”2Yes, she is pissed off. Yes, she is trying not to show it.

There is a short pause.

“Yeah, but I’m eating now,” Berra says. “And I’m someone’s guest.”

“And I do not think you should see him now, Berra.”

“Yeah, I figured you’d say that. But you have a problem. Far as I can work out, you’re trying to make him better.” Berra tears her bread to pieces and eats exactly enough to be polite. No more, no less.

“Yes, Berra, and?”

“And then there won’t be a Temple following him around, and you can’t make it last.”

“Your concern is commendable.” She says patiently. “And he needs to see you. Later.”

“Yeah, well. What he needs is time. We know that. And you’re in charge of it now. But you helped to drag something out too early, so I’m figuring I should mention that.”

“You can tell me, or you can tell him. But not today.”

“I’ve just told you. He wasn’t ready to talk, and you made him.” Berra has a one-shouldered shrug for such occasions.


Berra adds, “Well, you and Lady Varanis.” She was already starting to say that as the question is asked, and so she shrugs again. Her habit of speaking and then amending has put her off-balance there.

Another elegant shrug. “He needs to heal now. Goddess helps. And we. To best of our understanding, Berra.”

“Yeah…” Berra sighs, although it’s mostly an irritated sound. “So. I think you know where you can find me.”

“No, where will we find you?”

“Send me a message at my Temple. I’ll have it sent on if I need to.”3Berra, who has taken against this person, does not want to let anything be known about herself. Her face is serious, open, honest. The openness might be an offer of Death, but it is unlikely.

“And do you wish to leave him a message now?”

Something in Berra’s eyes closes down a little. “Nah. You’re the ones in charge of putting a patch on now. Tell him I came if you think it’ll help.”

She looks at Berra with those deep, brown eyes. “I did, Berra. And that is why you can’t see him today. Even if that leaves you irritated at me.” There is no irritation or anger in her voice, just a tiniest hint of sadness.4Berra passes Insight (Human). But doesn’t care about Dorasa’s feelings, and is annoyed that the woman’s guesses about her are wrong.

“In that case, we’re done. But I’m not irritated about that, don’t worry.” Berra bows over her food.

“Before you leave, can you tell me where lady Varanis is?” Dorasa says ” He needs to know.”

“She’s safe. Tell him Berra says that, but she doesn’t give locations to people.” Berra stands to bow.

“That last bit’s part of that message.” This time, Berra gets to add something afterwards in decent time.

Dorasa nods. “Thank you for coming, Berra.”

To that, the Humakti just gives a bow in response.
Berra gets rather irritated at the Temple of Uleria when she goes to see Xenofos