Boldhome Temple of Yelmalio

Sartar. Boldhome. Sun Dome.

Leadership and Organisation

A Regimental structure, with a unit-based hiring system. There is a strict hierarchy. A Phalanx can be hired.

High Lord and Light Son: Ebron. Both a Rune Lord and a Priest.
Light Son, Commander of Infantry: Gwelen. Does not like the foreigner Serala but respects her abilities. Would like to be political but his talents are all on the battlefield.
Initiate Master: Yeynder

Initiates include Serala, the Cold Lance of the Sun, and Anwos, who has a very important family.

External Relationships

Ebron undertook a year marriage to Kalis, High Priestess of Ernalda. (Date 1627/1628, not exactly sure when right now; it was when Tennebris and Eril were arguing with each other just after the Wyter Quest for Lord Raven began.)

Rumours and Public Knowledge

There is a burning rock inside the Temple, where the initiate Tirrip once prayed so hard he disappeared.