Varanis Saiciae

Who am I?

Varanis daughter of Serzeen
Sometimes known as Vareena Colymar1And sometimes Ranie

Tribe, Clan, Class

Noble of Clan Saiciae, Nochet
Adopted into the Blue Tree clan, of the Colymar tribe

Family Tree

Family tree depicting five generations of Varanis’ family.


General Appearance



Nine hides in Esrolia, presumably provided by House Saiciae. Location?

  • Blue Tree (1626, from Kallyr)
  • Hide with tenants (40 L. income)
  • Hide (40 L. income)
  • Greyrock (1628, from Kallyr)
  • Hide with river and bridge (58 L. income)
  • Fertile plains (40 L. income)

Hides in Lunar Tarsh? Say it isn’t so!

As of Storm Season 1628, Varanis still does not know that Mirava and Fazzur arranged for some narrow, probably mostly useless hides of land to be assigned to Varanis in Fire Season (see Back2Life, Back2Reality).


Doqeia and Manasa were a gift from Varanis’ brother, Desdel. They are temperamental, but she is too stubborn/proud to admit that she can’t handle them well. Irillo helped her to buy Fish when she needed to replaced her very reliable zebra, Zukko.

Doqeia (Daron, black, mare)
Doqeia is temperamental: a bit wild, a bit unruly. Her moods shift quickly – sometimes she prances about and other times she wants to rebel. She’s strong, fast, and willing to go, but sometimes spooks at stuff that’s not there. She tends to get along with others, though she may bully them a bit. Doqeia is not interested in stallions.
STR 26
CON 15
SIZ 28
DEX 11
Illusion 82, Death 78, Movement 75

Manasa (Daron, black, mare)
Manasa is a bitch. She’ll bite sneakily, tread on toes, and wait for vengeance. She kicks in her stall, is lazy, but at least she can mostly be trusted in a city and will make her way home. She’s a problem-solver and will always find a weak spot to break things. She’s steady and grounded, but vicious because she wants to be, not because she’s been hurt. She doesn’t panic. She’s steady. But she’s never going to stop pushing her personality on others and kicking out just to kick out.
STR 27
CON 16
SIZ 28
POW 16
DEX 10
Disorder 84, Stasis 83, Death 74

Fish (Daron, black, gelding)
Fish has a mean streak a mile wide. He’ll bite, kick, and buck when he’s in the mood for it, and he’s in the mood for it frequently. He has nearly succeeded at killing Varanis more than once. He is definitely destined for sacrifice at some point.
STR 24
CON 16
SIZ 28
POW 12
DEX 10
Air 85, Disorder 79, Death 62


Living in Glorantha is complicated, especially for budding heroes.

Banned from an inn in Wilmskirk – indefinitely (1626, Fire Season)

Banned from the Praxian inn in Wilmskirk – indefinitely (1626, Earth Season)

Asked to leave the Paps by a priestess – indefinitely? (1626, Storm Sea Season)

Exiled from Colymar lands by Queen Leika for one year (1628-1629, Sea Season, Fertility Week)

King Koraki will neither request nor supply aid for one year (1628-1629, Earth Season, Fertility Week)

History Prior to 1625

Character generation interpreted

Stories from the Past

The following are a mix of role-play logs and stories to help with character development.

Meeting Mellia

1613: Varanis and Mellia are approximately 9 years old. Varanis has only recently moved to Nochet.

Tea Time

1615: Young Varanis took a tumble and Mellia will fix her (11 years old)


1618: Mellia, Xenofos, and Varanis spend some time together before their initiations.

Current Events

The following logs are sorted chronologically by year and season. These predominantly emerge from text-based role-play.

1626 Sea Season

1626 Fire Season

1626 Earth Season

1626 Dark Season

1626 Storm Season

1626 Sacred Time

1627 Sea Season

1627 Fire Season

1627 Earth Season

1627 Dark Season

1627 Storm Season

1627 Sacred Time

1628 Sea Season

1628 Fire Season

1628 Earth Season

1628 Dark Season

1628 Storm Season

1628 Sacred Time

1629 Sea Season

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    And sometimes Ranie