Fragment 2.11 – The Regret Moment

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 11


Speaking with Xenofos fresh from their sparring1Indicative that Berra would make even the most mild of men martial, 2The sage Llewun has it that this sparring would make the most mild-mannered of men marital.
Berra heard how he was thinking of Rillo
Murdered by Hulta to keep shame a secret
This she considered as shame grew upon her

She had sent off one who needed protection
Sending stout Rajar to take him to torture
Thinking that Hulta would treat with him kindness
Not understanding Esrolian slave-lore

Then to the villa of Hulta in Nochet
Berra ran swift to be sure he was living
Spoke there with Kesten whose tongue was bound in him
Bound by the presence of matrons of Hulta

This will go ill said the Sartarite Berra
If he is dead then the house will feel sorrow
Kesten the True she appealed to in private
Asking his help for undoing her error

One day she waited til word came from Kesten
Slave had been sold to the galleys of Nochet
Though he was living this slow execution
Brought cash to Hulta while keeping their secret

Berra found Nala the Lightbringer Earth-witch
Called her to freedom and vengeance on Hulta
They would reveal the secrets of Rillo
Loud in the Temple of Holy Ernalda

Berra had realised that she had helped send someone she considered innocent to be silenced by the Hulta House. She went there to tell them she expected to see him alive, and give them a couple of days to produce him, and asked Silor and Xenofos to look into slave law, so she knew what to accuse them of. That evening she bodyguarded Varanis at a party, seeing Lenta Hulta kiss her. The next day a note came from Kesten that said the slave had been sold to the galleys and was alive when he left Hulta. After some consideration, and a talk with Nala about death and freedom in which they searched the harbour for galleys with him on board, Berra decided this was as bad as killing him, and she would go forward with her plan of making an accusation so she could give evidence over why she thought the Hulta had killed him – to cover up the affair their First Husband had been having. That evening was Wildday, so after worship she asked at the barracks if she could move in, and was told yes, with service to be negotiated. She set off back to the house.

“Slave sold to galleys. Alive when left Hulta possession.” – note from Kesten Hulta to Berra

“Xenofos, I didn’t ask you to tell me the facts, or the truth! I don’t give a damn if I’m guilty, I give a damn if they’re guilty as well.” – Berra

“I’l give Kesten a ‘sorry this is going to happen to you but not so sorry I intend to stop’ look.” – Berra

  • 1
    Indicative that Berra would make even the most mild of men martial
  • 2
    The sage Llewun has it that this sparring would make the most mild-mannered of men marital.