Fragment 41 – the Wounding of Eril

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 41


Questing in Wilmskirk found Berra in thralldom
Fighting for freedom through collared and shackled
Living the Rune that is constant rebellion
Movement within her and Movement upon her

Proud came cold Eril to buy human chattels
Prisoners wild who were taken in war-time
Seeking for warriors hardened in battle
Asked for the price of the thrall with a gesture

Berra struck out with the weight of her anger
All that she had she made into a weapon
Kicking and biting she made her resistance
Wounded the pride of the Sambar Humakti

Striking in rage at the sword taken from her
Berra made blood flow by hitting his armour
Shadowcat spitting and scratching he dragged her
Finding no word that would make her surrender

Berra attended Temple overnight, and then went to act as a bodyguard for Irillo for the day. She found herself within the Heroquest, taking the part of a captured prisoner of war who was being sold for her fighting prowess. Unable to strike with a sword, and taking inspiration from Movement, she kicked, bit, spat, and attempted to grapple, wounding Eril and a Lunar Guard, to whom he was forced to pay damages.

After the thralls were bought and freed, they left for the Cinder Fox Tula. As they arrived Irillo recalled how Eril was thinking over the next part of the Quest. It involved going to a place where the Firebull Clan had ambushed him by timing a Heroquest to his arrival, and making him take the part of Indrodar making his way through the Upland Marsh. This had been a disaster at the time, but was so successful that there was still an area of Marsh where Eril could hide the relics, only accessible by a Humakti.

Berra paid Irillo for the damages he had been forced to pay.

“The warrior has just enough slack in the bonds to kick you. Roll Dodge, please?” – GM
“That’s a no.” – Irillo

“She finally manages to entangle her chains enough that she can no longer move.” – GM
“If you fight for me, it means freedom.” – Irillo
@@*@@spits@@*@@ – Berra

I kicked the High Sword.

I don’t know how I feel about that. He’s probably going to ask.

When I report what happened, he’s going to ask.

I should have asked D’Val advice before I came out here. But he would have known, then. And the High Sword wouldn’t want that.

I… I do know how I felt. Just not how I feel. And that’s the one he’s going to ask. Oh dear.

‘A mixture of panic and satisfaction, Lord.’

Don’t ask more. Don’t ask more.

He’ll ask more. And he’ll ask questions I should answer.

‘I was aiming for the groin’ is probably not a good reply.