Culture, Geographical Area, Tribes/Clans

Clearwine is the seat of power for the Colymar Tribe. Established in 1325 by Colymar himself, the city is the oldest continuously occupied settlement in Dragon Pass. It was built on the remains of an ancient hill fort belonging to the Empire of the Wyrm Friends.

Described alternately as a city, town, and fort, Clearwine has a population of approximately 1800, over half of which are of the Ernaldoring Clan. There is also a substantial population (300) of foreigners and non-Colymar in the city.

Located near the fork of the Stream AND????

Significant Places/Powers

The palace and necropolis are located within the Royal Citadel, at the top of the fort. Below this are the Upper and Lower Cities.

Within the walls of the Upper City, the most important temple is the Lightbringers Temple, headed by Queen Leika as Orlanth Rex. There is a temple to Orlanth Thunderous and shrines to all the other Lightbringers, including Eurmal.

Issaries has a minor temple and oversees the weekly market within the Upper City. The priest her is Jaranstand White Grape.

The Earth Temple just outside the walls is the preeminent Ernaldan Temple in Sartar. There are shrines to several husband-protectors (including Orlanth and Flamal), as well as shrines to her sister, Maran Gor and her daughter, Babeester Gor. The High Priestess is Ereneva Chan.

External Relationships

  • Famous across Dragon Pass for its ice wine (hence the name Clearwine).
  • Queen Leika’s relationship with Kallyr and Boldhome is tense, after Leika made a grab for power.

Rumours and Public Knowledge

  • Leika has it in for several of the party members, including Berra and Varanis.