Who am I?

Nala of the Unicorn

Tribe, Clan, Class

Unicorn Tribe. Hunter.


General Appearance


History Prior to 1625

Nala (not her full name, but she only uses that for tribal and for ceremonial usage) is the tall, beautiful daughter of the great warrior Palliyarai, who died gloriously, fighting the Lunars in [i have to figure this back out], and grand-daughter of a notable hunter as well. Paired up with the unicolt Tiwr, the two have been together for many years, usually with only themselves to converse with. Which may explain a thing or two.

Argrath, the White Bull, sought out the daughter of Palliyarai to help him retake Pavis. He expected a fierce woman. What he got was a girl uncertain of her words most of the time, with a happy demeanour, and generally a nice person, which those around her cannot fathom. Nevertheless, she and Tiwr proved veryuseful in the retaking of Pavis, and stayed with the army until such time as Venna of the Rhino sent her to Boldhome, which has resulted with her having her lot thrown in for her with a very perplexing group of…well…

IC Quotes

“It’s all fun and games till Tiwr chips a hoof.”

“Don’t poke sleeping dragons, even when they are dead.”


  • Nala’s Thoughts
    Nala — Nala S01 Session7 ???? Context Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context EventsMa,Oh ye gods, I was so grumpy. Rain makes my head heavy, and of course when Tiwr isunhappy, so am I. So as we came across another beheaded bandit I completely forgot to layhim ...
  • Nala’s Thoughts (Session 16)
    Nala — Nala S01 Session16 ???? Context Session 16 – the start of the HeroQuest of 1625. Events Dear Ma, I know, we’ve been chatting for ages in the temple, but I finally feel almost like a real person again. Tiwr and I have both hated being ...
  • Nala’s Thoughts (Session 20)
    Nala — Nala S01 Session20 ???? Context Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. RP session. Events Ma, Nochet is Hell. They have stripped out the bones of the earth and piled them stone on stone to break her back. The places reeks of excrement, fear, and corruption. The river ...
    Nala — I Am The Desert ???? My earthen tongue sears hot as desert earth;my blood-fired heart beats hot as desert earth. You speak in riddles of monsoon ways;you may be wise, but not as desert earth. Your city is piled high, piled bone on bone,to break Earth’s back. Not so desert earth. Blind, people walking here will ...
  • Nala’s Thoughts (Session 25)
    Nala — Nala S01 Session25 ???? Context After session 25. Nala is heartbroken over Tiwr’s behaviour. Events Ma, I don’t know what to do. I just— I don’t.
  • Spiritual Hope
    Context: On their first visit to the Blue Tree since Berra came back to Sartar, Nala and Berra talk of the ghost who is apparently haunting her newly-gifted land. Nala says, of the spirit they may be about to fight, “I think we should scout first. If there is actual threat, maybe come back and get ...
  • Down in Spirit
    Context: After fighting the ghost of a miser on Berra’s lands, when he objected to Berra’s offer of settlement, Nala and Berra talk. After a bit of asking about Nala’s mushrooms, Berra will say, “Well, that saved me some Lunars.” And then there’s a wild grin. “You bounce fast,” says Nala, hauling herself up to an elbow ...
  • Nala Tears
    Nala — Nala Tears ????, Fire Season Context 1626, Fire Season Events It’s the first night in Sartar. Nala has been weeping quietly during her watch. Before it is over the sound of footsteps intrudes, and Berra walks into view, stopping a little way ...
  • Water Travels
    Nala — Water Travels ????, Fire Season, Stasis Week Context 1626, Fire Season, Stasis Week, Fire Day Events There was a fight, and wolves, and a burned wolf to tend to, one of the Telmori, and then there was further exploration of the ...
  • Heart Is Where The Home Is
    Nala — Heart Is Where The Home Is ???? Heart’s sorrow, from home,bleeds gems into the spiritworld without surcease. Heart’s tear is an (im)possibility. See, now,this bright crystal Heart of Zola Felreaches out its spirit,torn heart to clear water Oh, heart’s heaviness!Feet that walked worlds shivers atsuch true innocence
  • Nala Where do I go?
    Nala — Nala S01 Session36 ???? Context Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. Events Ma, Let’s get something straight: these people are not my tribe. So far from it. I know, things look different in the Godtime, but to belong to a tribe involves the heart. My ...
  • Nala Dancing on the Edge of the Earth
    Nala — Nala S01 Session41 ???? Context Season/Week/Day/Time and Notable Context. Events Ma, I danced good earth out of bad! And the Necromancer’s Marsh was redeemed. I think you might even be proud, if you knew. Do you know? Are you proud? Nala
  • The Quiet one
    Nala — Nala S02 Session11 ????, Earth Season, Stasis Week ContextEarth Season, Stasis Week, Windsday – Nala, Tiwr and Zinat get a lift from a mysterious stranger Events Nala wandered the night through rather uncomfortable mangrove and reed labyrinth. Sometime in the ...
  • Return To Greyrock
    Nala — Return To Greyrock ????, Storm Season Context Last week of Storm Season. Events For once, Nala’s face doesn’t fall into misery crossing into Sartar. She is going to see Huljeem, whom she thought she would never see again. As a result, she ...
  • Return To Greyrock II
    Nala — Return To Greyrock Ii ????, Storm Season Context Last week of Storm Season. Continues straight on from the last session. Contains spoilers for power level and events Events Harvan does repeat, “This village has no call on Huljeem beyond what he has given ...
  • Quest Of Eril: Asking Nala
    Berra — Quest Of Eril 08 1627, Sea Season, Harmony Week Context Sea Season, Harmony Week. Still on the way to Alda Chur. *Contains significant spoilers.* Events The day after Varanis took a dip, Berra goes around the little bisonocavalcade, talking with people in turn. ...