Fragment 2.36 – The Plunge into Water

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 36


Keeping the trail of the chariot closely
Berra drew nigh to the hamlet of Drakemere
Meeting with ducks there who followed the Death God
Swearing to fight with them if they should need her

First at the lakeside she watched with her magic
Seeking the sight of the killers from water
Then when the durulz went down to seek battle
She dived behind and with joy did them follow

Smiting the water she sank down towards them
Found that her oath was conspiring to kill her
Swam still beyond all the Air she had in her
Rescued by llama and saved by Valseena

So the the battle went Berra in earnest
Taking her spear for her swords were beneath her1One can only assume ‘within the lake’ and indeed Amb. 45 gives ‘her swords lay beneath her’ indicating a resting place, rather than morality.
Striking the chariot fresh from the water
Swift to the slaughter and swift to the battle

Mostly, Berra sank.

Varanis shrugs. “Is it a vegetable?”
“I don’t know!” – Berra

“Berra eyeballs the goats with dislove.” – Berra

“Humakti here come for paperwork. In triplets” – Nala

“We can put a big cloth over it if we have to, and come back when I am stronger.” – Berra

“If I dive in, I will be…” – Berra
“Sinking.” – Varanis

“This may be my goodbye.” – Berra
“Worth it.” – Berra