Meditations upon Separation

Berra — Berra Separation 01



Berra wakes from a dream and takes up her guard duty in Jonstown, in the common room of the Bull and Ram. [[[s03:session-2|Session 2]]]


All swords are one sword, and Humakt wields it. When I was closest to being Humakt, Eril was him as well. I wasn’t very different to him in that moment. I remember his spirit, his ally, looking into me. I remember trying to be Humakt, and being his… sword? Guide? I just helped him. I didn’t strike for him. Are the hand and the sword the same thing? I don’t think so. Is Humakt Death? No. He wields it. That’s all.

Does Separation mean anything, to swords? Is one separate from another? They must be.


My mind reeled from it, before. All swords are Death. I was Death too. No. I held and guided it. But we both did.

Because all swords are… because… all swords are one sword. We both performed the same action. That means we were together. Are all Humakti joined in worship?

So do we learn Separation at the end of each service? As we part? …oh, the temple. This is about how the Temple is laid out.

This is why, when you’re up over the altar, facing down, you see those things. Two that are in the moment of separation.

They’re held there.

Agh, head hurts. Try to think something else.

But we finish our dances and we’re no longer part of that. And everyone who was being Humakt steps back to their own lives and lives Separation again.

I dreamed I picked up the Temple. Or actually, a temple. His. His Hero-temple. Even though it’s a room in a bigger thing, and it’s not cross-shaped, it was a sword.

So who wields ours? Humakt. it has to be. But all of them at once? Doing the same thing? No, can’t be the same thing. Different aspects of Humakt. The power is wielded by the High Sword. Or not. He places it down there, maybe.

I don’t know.

I need to know this.

It’s fine. I can do without knowing. Yet.

So if we’re living in the Sword, if we’re in the Temple, we’re parts of Death.

How can you have a PART of Death?

How can you BE a part of Death?

D’Val was wrong about me being ready when I knew. I know, but I don’t understand.

Did he say that? What did he say? Can’t think.

I know what happens but not what it means. I could stand there. Hold the Temple. But what then?

I need a duck.

Berra thinks about Death and Separation, while on guard