No Mugging

Berra — No Mugging

1627, Sea Season, Fertility? Week


Sea Season Fertility? Week, Windsday Eve. [[[s02:session-38|Session 38]]]


Berra leaves Varanis behind, ties the cord on the sword that Eril lent her, and keeps Wind Tooth ready for draw. She goes out in her lighter armour, the scouting gear, heading for where the duck that did them a favour is on gate duty.1Passed Scan.

A… duck? is loping along behind her trying to make up the distance. He’s wearing… glittery eye make up? and has some sort of… decorative glaze on his feathers.

Berra pauses for long enough to say, “Not looking for business.”

“But itth the betht.” Beat-pause. “Unforgettable. You won’t regret it.”

Berra just walks on, not touching her money pouch, but suddenly more aware of where it is.

“I’m afraid I really mutht inthitht.”2Failed Insight (Durulz).

Berra perks up, looking around. “Is this a mugging? I haven’t had a mugging in a while!”

“If thatth what you want. We aim to therve all thortth of kinkth.”

Although she is acting, she is also looking for ways out, incomers… the situation. But when told that, she sags a little. “No. You don’t get to insist. I’m a lot more Humakti than I look.” She keeps walking, scanning ahead of her. “Separation, not joining.”

“We can thatithfy all thorth of thenarioth. The full quacky, Humakti thpethial. Very highly thpoken of.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Berra speeds up just fractionally, trailing the duck with her rather than trying to lose him.

“Well… if you don’t want it… you’re miththing out.”

A tiiiiny bit faster. Just so he thinks he can still keep up.

The duck slows down and starts turning away.3Perhaps fortunately, Berra fails a listen roll.

The duck heads back down the street and turns into an alley.4Passed Scan, but is not curious.

Berra sighs, and pauses then to listen just in case there is trouble, but mostly she is looking out for it. Just perhaps, the unusual movement makes her pause. More likely, she is looking out for trouble generally.

. o ( Would a mugger do that? )

. o ( sudden image of Devolin )

. o ( …. )


… And she walks on again.


Berra gets propositioned by a duck, and alas, it’s not bait for a mugging

  • 1
    Passed Scan.
  • 2
    Failed Insight (Durulz).
  • 3
    Perhaps fortunately, Berra fails a listen roll.
  • 4
    Passed Scan, but is not curious.