Fragment 14 a-b – The Return, Dark Season

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 14

1625, Dark Season

Fragment 14a – The Return

This fragment and fr.14b are usually studied as a single item, as they appear together in antiquity, on opposite sides of a tablet baked by sudden fire. Wiermonken was observed to smile when first handling the item.

On through the Scrubland the horses bore riders
Followed by questions from scribes to wise Vestra
Words she had written were twisting on parchment
Into the shapes of the Air-rune of Orlanth

Puzzling the way was the quick wit of Vestra
Speaking of tests was the crowing Koraki
Into the distance stared Berra in earnest
Guarding the wisdom the Grey Sage held in her

Proudly did Berra return to the City
Seat of the Prince of the Starbrow of Sartar
Bringing the news of the Quest to the Mountain
Bringing in safety the sage Vestra Greyrobe

Sweet the return to the temple of Humakt
Home of the Death Rune and home to Humakti
Berra in honour was seen in the temple
Joined in its ranks and was given her berth1Or ‘rebirth’ as per Altn 19.4, hinting at a separation from the old temple in Nochet, but considered too connotative of fertility by Alleyn. there

Fragment 14b – Dark Season

Deep in the Dark2The unusual emphasis is the only means we have of dating this fragment, although it is noteworthy that most temples within Boldhome would not perform much outside training in Dark or Storm seasons of the temple of Humakt
Berra drew down to the strength buried in her3Presumably not some previously undiscovered semi-step between Initiate and Runelord, but some lesser improvement within Berra, probably spiritual.
Learning through pain how to push ever onward
Strengthening what had been weakened within her4Possibly related to the damage taken from the Pale Lady, or the anger of Storm Bull.