Fragment 2.43 – The Challenge in Darkness

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 43


As Berra walked from the city of Nochet
Guiding the wagons of merchant Irillo
Bent the road east past the plateau of shadows
There in the darkness a troll met and mocked her

Challenge was met with the force of her anger
Strove they on glass and on sand and on roadway
Then in the end was the troll the close victor
Berra stood proud though her pride she surrendered

Karrk son of Karg laughed in joy to have met her
Conquering woman who fought in a joy-trance
Gave her of food for the starving of Sartar
Gave her new scars for the risk she had taken

In the middle of the night as the caravan passed the Shadow Plateau, Berra was woken by Salid, who needed a warrior to do some talking. She met Karrk, Karg’s son, who asked about the Goddess of Teeth and Salt. After a brief bit of thought about exposing Varanis to danger, Berra sent for the Vingan. The group was invited to come to the Shadow Plateau to talk. Berra was against this, but over-ruled, and so they went, and Berra had a ride on a giant beetle, which made her almost giddy with excitement. They met a Mistress Troll in the dark, and another one in a lighter place in the Temple of Xiola Umbar. Berra acted as a bodyguard to Mellia, threatening a troll to stay in place and make sure it was healed.

They caught up with the caravan, with extra food that the Mistress Troll had offered them.

“What DO you know about this Beater of Zoraki bit?” – Berra
“Don’t know. You might have done it.” – Salid
“Hmmm. Yeeeeaaah-no. We all did it.” – Berra

“It’s dark. It’s cruel to the horse. Walk. You’re infantry tonight.” – Berra
“We could take torches. Lots of them.” – Xenofos
“No, because we’re going to the Trolls. They don’t like the light.” – Berra

“Varanis walks.” – Varanis
“CAN I CAN I CAN I?” – Berra, wanting a ride on a giant beetle

“Offer hospitality to weak, puny humans.” – Karrk
“I don’t see any of those, but you can offer it to us. Taken.” – Berra

“Intrigue fail.” – Berra
“Somewhere, Eril sighs.” – Berra

“Hey, I did the Heroquest of Humakt the Champion there! And I really pissed off Lord Eril…” – Berra