Fragment 3.6 – The Beginning of Exile

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 3 6


Into the hall of the Queen of the great-bow
Berra walked proud as befitted a duck-friend
Air in her feathers1Was this written by… a duck? and pride in her features
Standing as tall as the greatest Humakti2Apparently so., 3Goldman puts this as an insult to Nameless, then presumably in the room.

Loaded with gold by the Queen of the Black-Spear4The Sage Llewun notes that the Black Spear clan were her chiefest of supporters and protectors, and so this is a graded insult to her ability to create her own power base. Goldman notes the Black Spear is the symbol of rulership, and opines no insult is intended.
Berra took only an arm-ring in payment
Giving the rest to the bird-charming singer
Torograi Silverthroat blushed to be honoured5Many of the private poems of Torograi Silverthroat are said to be in the collection of Dr Tomm, and have never been digitalised.

Then as about her the words of Orlanthi
Rose up in anger to bring down the stormclouds
Berra stood silent until honour called her
Silent though words fought for speech from within her

Only when Leika called Kallyr a tyrant
Did the Humakti speak out in a murmur
Telling Varanis the Prince had the flame then
Letting her Orlanth be armed for the word-war

So Berra stood as her Queen ordered exile
Silent in honour of rank held by Leika
Walked without words to the border and crossed it
Stayed not a moment but walked on to Boldhome

Once they were back in Clearwine, Xenofos called people together to apologise, managing to do so to Varanis. Berra hugged him and maybe muttered about being sorry too, and he lost the words he was going to say. After that, once cleaned up, they went to see Leika. The music, by Torograi, was a comic song about a Humakti duck who wins in a drinking contest and then makes a river by wandering. Berra managed not to go bright red.

Leika congratulated Varanis on the work of her warband, and announced that the surveyors had already been sent to make the Blue Tree well. Then she asked Varanis to take a message to Kallyr; that Argrath was of the Colymar and of the blood, and Leika was waiting for a sign from Orlanth.

Varanis refused to, saying that Kallyr was the King of Sartar, and she and Leika argued. When Leika noted that Kallyr had taken the part of Yelm, Berra stepped forward and reminded Varanis that Kallyr had held the flame safe and protected it out of the Underworld, thus rescuing the light. Varanis pointed this out and said that if Leika had hung around after the cremation, she would have seen this.

For that, the group were exiled. Berra allowed herself to be talked out of immediately going to see her sister, and they returned back to Boldhome. On the way, they met Devolin once more – he was on the other side of a bridge with the central span missing. He said that for a consideration, he would help them to cross. Berra said she was really not in the mood, and for a consideration would not shoot him. He asked if it was honourable to shoot him in the back, turning away from her. She could not see him elsewhere, no matter how she searched, but Varanis cast Leap on her, and she ran, jumping over the chasm, and giving chase. He ran a little way and vanished.

Berra went back to test the chasm with a stick – it was entirely solid, it just appeared otherwise. She asked the Praxians to help her track. Suuraki could not find where Devolin had been, but they found his camp – it had very little in it. Berra took his blanket and asked Valseena to mend it.

When they returned to Boldhome, Berra went to her Temple, but was called back to their house because a letter had been delivered and Varanis wanted her there. She traipsed back to find out that Onjur had sent a letter, and gave her opinion on it; it was the sort of things that he would do, and if it were a simple trap, he wouldn’t have had to put his name on it. They went to see Tennebris, also telling him the news about their exile. He took them to see Kallyr. Berra then went back to her temple once the news was delivered, and they had been given a feast, to continue waiting in the queue for Eril’s time.

“Maybe he’s over me.” – Berra

“Berra stops talking about the Sambari and makes sure of translation for the Praxians.” – Berra
“Possibly because they should know why they are going to die.” – Berra

“Is this where she challenges for the Khanship?” – Suuraki
“Watch it. The big one Moo-plain talks.” – Berra

“Kallyr was guarding the Flame.” – Berra speaks up to Varanis, against Leika
“Berra looks exceedingly ashamed to have spoken up.” – Berra

“Berra does seem upset on the way back from Clearwine.” – Berra
“I’m sorry, Berra. I just couldn’t seem to help myself.” – Varanis
“That’s my TRIBE, Varanis. Your tribe.” – Berra
“Yes, but she said she wasn’t sure if Kallyr was the King!!!” – Varanis
“Of all the times to…. Argh.” Berra gets off and walks for a while. Away from Varanis.