Fragment 2.51 – The Argument with Venna

Diaries The Saga Of Berra — Fragment 2 51


Taking in words that were given by Eril
Quiet advice with the calm of his wisdom
Berra gave counsel of cheer to Varanis
Bide now your time and we soon shall see battle

Berra, trying to get some sleep after a night spent in Alda Chur and another spent in worship to Humakt, was woken by someone with the news that Varanis was visiting Venna. She set off at a run to be there in time. There was a pretty swift argument. Venna asked Varanis if she had rewarded her followers yet. Varanis snarled, Berra got angry and threw herself into the next argument, upping the stakes as it was about King Argrath getting married to King Stark’s daughter. Venna called Kallyr a usurper. Nala left. Varanis stormed out. Berra told Venna not to talk about giving gifts when Argrath had not given any to Varanis – Venna said they would come when the army had done its job. Berra stamped outside to be angry, followed by Maalira, who had picked up on who the likely sources of trouble were, and was hanging around this one.
When Valseena and Suuraki, still in the tent, reported to Venna about Nala’s dream, Venna looked out to call for certain people including Nala. Berra went back in having heard there was Lunar trouble. Nala danced the HeroQuest that had happened. Venna ordered the guard doubled, and set off to tell Argrath.

Berraa invited Maalira, the new healer, back to their camp, increased the guard, told people to be ready – but not for what, as she thought it would be marching orders soon – and went for a walk with Varanis.

“I don’t think we’ll starve them out before winter sets in.” – Venna
*perks up* – Berra

“She’s not getting married without permission of the Prince of Sartar.” – Berra
“The Prince of Sartar will be ordering you to do that, and I don’t care what the Queen of the Kheldon says.” – Venna
“We Do.” – Berra

*stays to rip one off Venna* – Berra
*does not kill her* – Venna

“So to take Sedenya out, we need to take out the Red Moon.” – Nala

“How can we spot the difference of Berra being angry?” – Xenofos
“Louder?” – Berra

“I have been up for a while. But welcome to our camp.” – Berra

“We went out west and they gave us food. We’re going back again soon – listen, we don’t have many healers with us…” – Berra
“I’ve not been out west for a while…” – Maalira suddenly realises what Berra is getting at.
“It would be good. Would you like to accompany us, White Lady?” – Berra
“I would be delighted. I feel that your travels are not dull.” – Maalira
“Yeah… that’s what they never are.” Berra yawns.